Our Story

Desiree LotzInstant CalMag-C was born through necessity. Founder, Desiree Lotz, was selling a popular brand of calmag in South Africa in the nineties when international shipments were delayed. Not sure what all the demand was about as she did not notice any benefit from trying it herself, she nevertheless went ahead and created her own calmag-c formula and started supplying it. The new calmag product was a home run! Desire loved the new CalMag-C and started drinking it twice a day. Her customers raved about the new product and reported fabulous and noticeable results due to superior absorption and superior quality ingredients.

Having immigrated to the United States of America in 2001, Desiree brought her high quality Instant CalMag-C and introduced it to the USA market. She started with the purpose to get every person on Earth educated on true health and nutrition and help them improve their health and quality of life.

For over 20 years her flag ship product, Instant CalMag-C has been helping to maintain healthy bones and teeth, relieving muscle strain and discomfort, improve sleep quality and aids in optimum digestion. It also assists with maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, and is especially helpful when feeling groggy after a high starch or sugar meal.

Today Instant CalMag-C is used all over the world and has kept growing with word-of-mouth and independent distributors who are excited to share the supplement, and the benefits, with others.

Sunshine Vitamins provides the very best in quality supplements, vitamins and minerals, that are correctly formulated and put together, so that your body actually absorbs and uses the supplements, and your body continues to use them, by balancing supplements correctly and using premium ingredients. All of this to keep on the original purpose Desiree started with.

As for Desiree, along with her family she is still running Sunshine Vitamins to this day in Clearwater, Florida, and is helping people all the time to improve their health through adequate nutrition.