Is Instant CalMag-C suitable for all ages?

Yes, Instant CalMag-C is only four simple nutritional ingredients and is safe for babies and grandmas!

How much CalMag-C can babies and kids take?

Babies can be given a tip of a teaspoon, and kids you can adjust it based on their age (half a teaspoon for smaller kids and a full teaspoon for bigger kids). 

Is Instant CalMag-C suitable for vegans?

Yes, our formula is 100% free of animal products and shellfish. 

Is Instant CalMag-C gluten-free?

Yes, Instant CalMag-C contains no gluten. Members of our own family have gluten intolerances and drink CalMag daily!

Are any GMO ingredients included?

No, our ingredients are sourced to be the highest quality and never include GMO ingredients.  

Why must CalMag-C made with boiling water?

In order to properly absorb calcium, it needs to be in an approximate ratio of 2:1 with magnesium along with an acid such as vitamin C to create the correct pH. Instant CalMag-C is absorbable and superfast-acting because when correctly prepared with boiling water, the minerals react and combine - you can see it fizz - so that the full healing powers of all of the elements are released into a drink that the body can easily absorb.

Why must CalMag-C be mixed with unsweetened juice?

Cane sugar and refined sugars in general deplete the body's minerals. Refined sugars also alter the pH balance of CalMag, rendering it less effective as a supplement.

How do I mix CalMag-C correctly?

Place one rounded teaspoon of Instant CalMag-C powder into an 8-oz glass. Fill half way with boiling water and stir as it fizzes until clear. Top with chilled or hot water.  

Mixing Suggestions: Add unsweetened juice, tea, or  lemon stevia and ice cubes for instant lemonade!

Why are statements about Instant CalMag-C not evaluated by the FDA?

Our products are supplements which do not require FDA evaluation (which involves very lengthy and very expensive studies and trials) The FDA has reported on the numerous benefits of calcium, magnesium and vitamin C.