You Won’t Relax With Wine Unless You Do This…

Stressful day?

Can’t sleep?

Need to relax?

You reach for a glass and a bottle and expect to relax. Maybe you felt a little less stressed for the moment. Maybe you fell asleep.

But for some, this becomes habit and, over time, this fails to work like it used to. And now you have stress and a wine habit too. No, it’s not an addiction at this point, but it is an endless cycle of trying to relax.

What most fail to realize is that they are trying to handle relaxation from stress, and this can be caused by the very thing they are using to handle it – in this case wine. And indeed, after a while, it may take a case of wine to do the trick.

All kidding aside, there is one missing factor from this equation that, discovered, known and understood, could break the entire cycle, giving you all the rest, relaxation and sleep you ever wanted and sometimes more!

But I can’t relax without my glass of wine…

Have you ever said this? Ever known someone to say it? If you have said or heard it before, it isn’t a one-time deal. It’s a full-on habit.

While this kind of thing is far from addiction, it is still significant because the habit can’t be broken. But the reason it can’t is not because you HAVE to have it or do it. It is is because the alcohol is making the problem WORSE.

And this sets up needing the “remedy” even more, until it becomes a never-ending cycle.

Why does it happen? It’s actually something else you’re doing and you won’t believe how obvious it really is!

What are you doing right now that is causing you to be less able to relax and need more wine?

It’s not so much something you’re actively doing right now so much as what you’re not noticing. There are two aspects to the centralized issue. But there is still only one issue: function.

Your body is supposed to relax but is also supposed to be able to rise to any occasion. This is not just “fight or flight” as some people relegate it to be. It is most often “move, function or rest” that are the real circumstances.

This means that your body should be able to put effort into something (even everyday things) or relax from doing that something. There are alternate procedures of muscle contractions and relaxations which help you do everything from walk and sit all the way to lifting and just plain sleeping.

Via your endocrine system and various hormonal patterns as well as your nervous system and electrical energy flow, basic communication and action are enabled.

But there must be a steady flow of energy to power these functions and that comes from a mineral-powered “generator” and a functioning “relay system” which is where your nerves come in.

And it all depends upon how the power flows. If it is sufficient and can flow efficiently, you function. This means you can do things. It means, especially in this case, that you can relax or sleep when you need to. And your body can restore and power up to meet more demands easily and effectively.

In absence of this basic functionality, no sleep, no relaxation and a host of problems. And certainly no recovery.

All with more glasses of wine to follow!

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What happens that blocks your power to relax.

In a basic electrical circuit, an easy way to stop the flow of electricity is to break the circuit, or at least divert or stop the power from flowing. The even easier way is to disconnect the circuit from the main power source.

In other words, unplug it!

This translates to the human body in blockages of energy flow. And, though all of such hinderances are not entirely your doing, their address can be completely within your control.

Structurally speaking, your posture plays a role. Often times imbalances in the body cause the basic structure to interfere physically with the energy flows within the body. This can be seen by the naked eye by observing postural issues. Blockages cause the posture to be “off” and not natural.

The other is something you are in rather direct control of because it involves your diet. Calcium and magnesium are minerals responsible (among the 300+ processes they fuel) for this energy flow and the physical relaxation and contraction of the muscles.

The kicker is that, even if you are getting sufficient minerals in your diet, alcohol burns up and crashes these levels making you need even more. It creates deficiencies.

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If calcium and magnesium are responsible for 300+ body process, what could go wrong in their deficiency?

While the list goes on and on, it doesn’t take a degree in nutrition or medicine to know that if there is a deficiency of the fuel of these processes, such an absence would cause a variety and multitude of problems.

If calcium and magnesium are responsible for relaxation, and you are burning up their levels in your system, of course it will be harder to relax.

And the process snowballs from there. It’s quite simple actually and becomes a simple fix where deficiency of these minerals is actually involved and is the actual cause.

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What can you do about an inability to relax and an inclination toward a wine remedy that doesn’t work that well?…

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

If you have created a deficiency, supplement it. Doing so can be miraculous. When you replace something so vital to so many functions, you can imagine how things would bounce back.

Relaxation is no exception. It may be one of 300, but let’s face it, relaxation is a vital one!

Instant CalMag-C is a drinkable supplement that delivers these minerals in the precise proportion that the body needs to absorb instantly and put them to use immediately.

When your relaxation issue is caused by their deficiency, you not only have your replacement for that glass (or two!) of wine, but you have yourself some function which didn’t previously exist. And where that function is relaxation or sleep, Instant CalMag-C is an excellent “vintage” to pair with your routine and deliver the “bouquet” of function.

Drink Instant CalMag-C and see what supplementing such deficiencies can do for you. Relax and enjoy some today!

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