Work Stress, Muscle Tension, Fatigue May Not Be Related

When work stress, muscle tension, fatigue and exhaustion flair up, it might not be the job

Can it be true? Can you be predisposed to muscle tension, fatigue and exhaustion despite a stressful job? Logic may make it seem impossible. After all, stressful conditions should take their toll on the body, right? Isn’t it the job, after all, that makes the worker exhausted and fatigued? A deeper look into body function uncovers a stunning revelation: work stress is not necessarily the cause of pain, tension, fatigue and exhaustion. There is evidence that other factors are at play. And, this fact opens the door to doing something about it.

The classic common vs normal confusion explained…

Everybody gets stressed at work, and a large majority suffer from pain, tension, fatigue and exhaustion. So this makes it a normal fact of life, right? How, then, would you explain the large group of workers who have the same stress, who also do not suffer with such symptoms? The only explanation is that these symptoms are not a normal condition of the human body. Otherwise, everyone would suffer without exception. Pain and excessive tension are not, in fact normal conditions. They are a sign that something is physically wrong causing the problem. Unhandled, this physical issue makes the symptoms chronic and, because they are so common, seem normal.

The human body is built to take tremendous amounts of stress…

Witness professional athletes who push their bodies beyond the limit. Apparently the bar is set pretty high. The human body is indeed built to withstand tremendous amounts of stress. When it develops symptoms, it is providing an alert that something is not functioning normally. This is why two people can have the same job and same work stress level and be in two completely opposite conditions. One is suffering from muscle tension and the other a model of health and wellness.

For work stress to affect the body, it needs an invitation…

Could you be inviting stress to take its toll on your body? It is certainly possible. With the large amounts of stress the body is equipped to handle, it would follow that you would need to “invite” stress to create a physical effect. This means pre-disposal. Factually, stress itself doesn’t cause muscle tension or the like. Muscles get fatigued when they are deficient. The body and its functions breakdown when it is deficient. Deficiency is the key factor. Several factors comprise this lack of supply.

Deficiency is a hidden culprit behind work stress

With such deficiency in play, behind the scenes and below your awareness, the body tends to malfunction in many ways while the apparent source is the work stress. Though it does, at that point, start to have an effect on the body, it does not cause it. The deficiencies do. What are they?

They can be lack of sleep or nutrition, lack of body communication via nerves and hormones, even lack of water (dehydration) or exercise. All are important factors which tend to leave one open to being the effect of stress, especially work stress so common to today’s workforce.

Calcium and magnesium linked to muscle function and malfunction

Out of all the things that can go wrong with the body, calcium and magnesium seem to have the farthest reaching ramifications. These two minerals work in tandem to supply muscles, nerves and bones with what they need to function. In the case of muscles, for instance, the contraction action is fueled by calcium while the relaxation by magnesium. These tandem actions make the body able to perform. Getting stuck in one action, such as contraction (tension) the body will seem to be “tense” and not relaxed. This can lead to many other symptoms. If the muscles can’t relax, pain, sleeplessness, moodiness and other reactions can occur. All seem to be caused by stress but are only precipitated through predisposal. Deficiency sets the stage. And, that is the story in numerous cases.

Supply the body what it needs to protect against the effects of work stress

Wouldn’t it make sense to give the body everything it needs to function as a preventative? It has been said, after all, that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Even when deficiency sets in, however, if it is the true culprit, supply of the deficient factor can be a game changer.

Instant CalMag-C is especially formulated for this express purpose. It’s precise ratio and type are in the exact form which the body needs and it is absorbed instantly when taken. The result on work stress effects can be surprising. Try it today and see what it can do for you. A better day at work can be just ahead!

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