Why the almighty gut takes such a punch when stress bullies it…

You inherently know stress affects your gut.

Though you may not consider yourself a stressful person, you’ve undoubtedly proven it to yourself that its possible.

Whether having to give a speech in front of people, facing up to a situation you didn’t want to, or even getting nervous on a first date, those “butterflies” you get in your abdomen are quite distinct.

Some people suffer from “nervous” stomach while still others have ulcers. All manner of digestive issues are rather popular in fact.

From heart burn to gas and bloating, the digestive system can clearly be stressed. Even “food intolerances” are commonly found in this category.

Beyond what you feed it however, there is rhyme and reason to how the digestive system works, and therefore a simple roadmap of how to fix it!

You CAN stand up to that bully we call STRESS!

Stomachs require way more than food…

What we feed our bodies is important. Make no mistake about that. However, we can get so focused on what we are feeding our digestive system that we can lose sight of the bigger picture:


Your digestive system is an intricate component which is part of a larger machine. It has certain functions which allow it to stimulate other functions in the larger “machine” that is the body as a whole.

There are numerous processes it goes through to accomplish this, all of them precise. Without them, the rest of the body will begin to malfunction.

More than food itself, it requires secretions from glands and other organs, it requires muscular contractions and relaxations as well as “sparks” of energy from nerves which drive the entire process via commands from the brain.

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Was digestion ‘broken’ in the first place?

If a tire on your car had a defect in it that made it weak and susceptible, you drove over rough road and it blew out, what blew the tire?

Now, the tire could have blown on rough road either way. But the weakness opened the door to make the damage imminent.

This is how most breakdowns occur.

If the digestive system has problems, the food coming in is going to have problems too.

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What causes digestive issues?…

This is a loaded question. The answers are as numerous as there are body systems which have the potential to malfunction.

The bottom line is that the nutrition you take in gets converted to be used in the body’s processes, and one of these is the process of digesting nutrition.

As you can see, the potential for breakdown is immense. If any single part of this process malfunctions, the symptoms which could occur are limitless!

Nerve energy which is blocked or insufficiently generated are common culprits. Blockages to nerve energy flow or lack of it can stop the digestive system in it’s tracks!

Food intolerances, indigestion and all manner of stomach issues can occur.

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What can you do about digestive issues which may be related to stress?

While avoiding certain foods or activities may handle the problem on the short term, not handling the cause of the problem can give you MORE problems on the long term. Endless tirades of medical intervention can follow after that.

And they commonly do.

Being seen by a specialist if any medical situation occurs digestively is important and you should do so, but learning about nerve energy flow, body balance and wholistic wellness is paramount, and speaking to and reading experts who do this is an even greater priority!

If you have any issues with your gut, digestive, nervous or otherwise, you need to trace all your symptoms along with your history of any imbalances back to a source, an origin of sorts, where the trouble all began. This is worth looking into with people who practice reflexology, nutritional health and other “wholistic” body approaches.

As you may have guessed, calcium and magnesium are at the forefront of not only the most important minerals in the body, but the ones that most become deficient. Responsible for more than 300 body processes each, you can only imagine the combinations of malfunctions and symptoms that are possible and how many “illnesses” could actually be symptoms of a greater overall deficiency.

Now imagine if you replace them what kind of effects you could expect in terms of recovery. They are as limitless as the number of combinations of symptoms there could be from deficiency!

Instant CalMag-C supplement beverage is formulated to supply the calcium and magnesium the body needs in the exact form and ratio it needs them and, as a drinkable supplement, absorbs instantly and gets put to use immediately to fulfill any lack.

The results can seem miraculous, but when you examine the basics, it’s actually quite simple. Try telling that, however, to someone who was severely deficient and bounced back so intensively. They’ll never believe it was anything short of miraculous.

Whether major or minor stress in the stomach, digestive or anywhere else in the body, Instant CalMag-C can be the difference needed to live comfortably and able to front up to stress without wearing it or “taking punches in the gut” from it.

Try it today and see!

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