While it may be unbelievable that calcium and magnesium have something to do with weight loss.

One holistic health coach has found a yet more obvious use in combating overlooked side-effects attributed to weight-loss failure, solving one of the foremost factors associated with giving up on virtually any diet plan.

Nanette DeGroat has been creating what some are considering miraculous results to lose weight. What has she done? Among the lengthy list of solutions she has devised, Nan has turned her own, numerous attempts to lose into a positive result on, literally, thousands of others. In fact, she has gone from certified holistic health coach to entrepreneur in very little time on this premise alone.

Breakthrough M2, Nan’s “breakthrough” weight loss program, became so successful, she was able to quit her job teaching high school mathematics and get over two thousand people in seven countries through her program in her first two years, growth now including Instant CalMag-C.

Without getting into detail about the BM2 program, which puts weight under participants’ control and educates them how to maintain a healthy size, especially unique to Nanette’s approach is how she addresses a hidden cause of failed attempts by would-be “losers” who have given up, something from which not even Nanette found herself exempt: Dieting Side-Effects. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxHdUm2lAzM  Nan explains how it helps here clients.

One of the most difficult, and invisible aspects of weight loss is its array of unrecognized withdrawal symptoms, where a diet seems it is “not working” causing most to just give up.

Part and parcel to Nanette’s widely-acclaimed program is a short, but critical detox phase. Largely unapparent and unnoticed, a majority of weight loss programs do have their periods of toxic elimination, along with attendant symptoms ranging from irritability to out-right pain. What distinguishes the BM2 program is the recognition and handling of this with coaching on how to deal with it. Hence her incorporation of Instant CalMag-C.

Any detoxification, be it from drugs, poisons or any toxin, always includes some sort of physical and/or emotional withdrawal. Though toxic, the body tends to become accustomed to such substances and therefore reacts accordingly when they are dispelled. Depending on the state of health and nutrition, the symptoms vary in degree. Overweight, being itself a symptom of poor health and nutrition, tends to carry with it more intense withdrawal symptoms. Nanette compensates for this factor in her program by supplementing nutrition.

Common physical side-effects are sore, painful muscles, general aches and pains, headaches and the like, while emotional ones consist of anxiousness, elevated stress, depression, worry and many others. These, while apparently symptoms of withdrawal itself, are actually symptoms of nutritional deficiency, and vary in severity in near direct proportion to the degree of deficiency. It is on this basis Instant CalMag-C was considered for BM2. 

Nanette realized that calcium and magnesium, in precise ratio, can alleviate withdrawal symptoms. After trying Instant CalMag-C for herself and her loved ones, she found it a critical ingredient of her already successful program, swearing by its use ever since, recommending it from Day 1.

In point of fact, Nanette tells of one particular use of Instant CalMag-C that was the single difference between whether or not one person could do the BM2 program at all.

“There was one person who came to my weight loss seminar,” recounts Nanette, “who was unable to get any sleep without having a glass of wine before bed and she was unwilling to give that up. Ironically, the very thing getting her to sleep, a factor critical to weight loss, was also preventing her from losing the weight at all. I deterred her from doing my program and, instead, recommended she try the Instant CalMag-C, replacing her nightly glass of wine with it for a week or two, and to let me know how it went. Two days later she signed up for the program.

“It is pretty obvious the difference it made, becoming the key reason she was able to do the program at all.”

Clearly, calcium and magnesium deficiencies cause all manner of side-effects one would never think were related to losing weight. Case in point, Nanette’s client who now can sleep at night and, now able to abstain from wine, can lose weight too!

Do check into Nanette’s Breakthrough M2 weight loss system. Watch a video excerpt from her seminar about side-effects and Instant CalMag-C. You can read her inspirational blog or check out her free seminars both in person and online where you can learn about how she got herself and thousands of others to lose weight where they were never able to before.

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