Where Do You Pick Up the Stress You Carry?

While you may blame your environment for physical stress symptoms, consider the enemy within…

There are longstanding beliefs that stress causes health issues, and irrefutable evidence to support it. But, is stress really impacting us from the outside in?

One factor makes this an “inside-out” look:

If the environment were the cause of all the stress we retain, clearly, everyone would suffer with the common symptoms.

This is evidenced by the fact that “everyone suffers”, right? Doesn’t everyone carry their stress in their neck, shoulders and back?

In actuality, they don’t. And, if everyone doesn’t suffer, some other factor must be at play.

As in the case of injury, consider this: if two identically-designed buildings were struck by an identical wrecking ball, in the same manner, would they have identical damage?

This question cannot be answered without first questioning the condition and integrity of each building, examined individually. For an identical impact could cause drastically varied effects upon the two should one “suffer” from a particular weakness, predisposing it to far greater damage.

It is here that we discover the “enemy within” which fights us as we fight the environment. And it is this that not only destines us to carry or “wear” our stress, but is the key factor to its remedy.

When the enemy has already infiltrated your camp and opened the gate to let stress IN!

This may seem difficult to believe until you consider how much sense it makes that weak defenses lose battles.

How many times have we been told by our doctor “your resistance was low” after diagnosing illness?

What is the weakness from which you may suffer? It can be one of many.

Whether a structural imbalance, as in fallen arches, poor posture or spinal position as well as deficient muscles, bones and organs, a body can be “set up” to carry or hold stress from a very early age.

How early? The answer may surprise you…

Some say they were born to be stressed, yet have no idea how right they are!

In a way, everyone was born with the potential to carry their stress, simply due to the birth process itself, one of the most stressful and taxing activities the human body may ever experience.

Even if one leads a relatively stress-free, relaxed life, the process of birth does not have any less impact.

Commonly, imbalances can happen structurally. But what about other factors?

Shortly after entering this world, basic survival needs become priority, some more than others. Those needs are sometimes met. Sometimes they are not.

In addition to structural imbalances, nutritional deficiencies are equally “weakening” in fending off external stress.

This seems rather obvious but is surprisingly and most commonly overlooked. It is the oversight that starts all the trouble!

SDD: Stress-Defense Deficiency, a new disease? Well, sort of…

Is SDD a thing? Perhaps in our acronym-obsessed society it could be, especially if used in commercial advertising of the best-designed products or medicines.

So, medically, it may not be an offical thing, but as a concept makes a rational point: the body has requirements for defense against stress and sometimes said requirements fall short of being met, and so becomes deficient in “stress-defense” basics.

What are the basics the body needs to fend off stress?

If you are even a casual reader of this column, you have probably already guessed: the minerals calcium and magnesium. And if you have, take pride in knowing you were right.

Calcium and magnesium might be called the “stress minerals” just because of the amount of environmental stress that can invade the body in their absence.

Calcium and magnesium are themselves responsible for, literally speaking, hundreds of body processes however, the most basic are the two most vital actions the body needs to function: contraction and relaxation.

Calcium contracting the muscles and magnesium relaxing them, the tandem combinations of the two provide for basic function from menial lifting of a finger, to the most complex and intricate of functions. Imagine, therefore, the havoc their absence would wreak.

And it does wreak havoc!

What to do to strengthen your inner defenses to keep from carrying, wearing or holding your stress…

Obviously all structural imbalances should be addressed with someone to help with those fallen arches, that crooked spine, poor posture and the like.

Internally, optimum nutrition must be achieved.

Above all, proper calcium and magesium levels must be achieved and the ideal combination of these two minerals must be quickly absorbed and utilized in the precise way the body uses them, a process which bears but limited tolerance for error.

Instant CalMag-C is formulated based on the precise process the body uses to quickly absorb and put these vital minerals to effective use. When deficient in either or both of these stress-fighting minerals, many have noticed the results right away. The fast-absorbing action of this supplement is like no other of its kind.

Try Instant CalMag-C today and see if you can turn the enemy within into a soldier of fortune against the environmental stress you battle!

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