When Your Skeleton Is Secretly Working Against You…

The implications are scary but they can help you attain better health, fitness and wellness!

What do you think about your posture?

Is is terrifying? Is it moderately disturbing? Or is it just “a little off” (the way all horror movie characters start off seeming to others before they go on a rampage!) and you kind of ignore it.

For many, posture is an issue that is purely something they would like to improve or feel is a bit lacking. Most people when asked “What do you think about your posture?” will answer “it’s terrible” without hesitation.

Muscular and skeletal health are paramount. And, therefore watching for symptoms of anything less is paramount.

But is your skeleton trying to tell you something? Is this the foreshadowing of the evil creature lurking within who will spring forward and go totally psycho?

Possibly. But only if you don’t know this…

When your body works against you, you should ‘feel it in your bones’…

Your body has two main features which allow it to do the things you want it to do. These are structure and function. Both are of utmost importance and both are designed perfectly by nature to allow all life functions to occur!

When things are functioning properly, and when the structure is just so in terms of organic support, the fuel you ingest (nutrition) is able to power the body functions.

That means you utilize nutrients from food in thousands of processes. And this is what normally should happen.

But sometimes, even when you are “eating healthy” and taking care of yourself, these nutrients don’t get through.

And you can suffer the consequences of the stress that comes along with it. You can often, literally, feel it in your bones!

Here’s why…

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Your skeleton can work against you unless you know these two things…

Just like the person in the horror flick that goes into the dark, spooky room against good judgement, or looks under the bed, thinking. “what can possibly go wrong?” so do you go about your business in the face of some obvious symptomology.

Except there’s no one yelling at the screen to warn you!

Unfortunately there are two things that can go wrong. Only unfortunate, that is, if you don’t understand them.

These are two subdivisions of one thing: communication.

Your body’s communication system is composed of nerves laid out just so (structure), and impulses which travel along them (function) which carry the brain’s commands and direction.

This is so crucial that the least breakdown in it can cause havoc. It can even block absorption of nutrients that support these two components and upset their balance.

Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and others can’t get to where they are needed and the whole system stresses out. Calories don’t get burned. And all foods go into “storage” or waste.

It essentially goes on a killing spree of function from there!

All because a little communication couldn’t happen. Your bones, not getting vital nutrients they need react.

But sometimes they can, themselves, be the suspected killer of function.

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How can your skeleton be working against you?

Simple. When the balance of it’s basic structure is upset by environmental factors, history of small traumas and poor nutrition, it can be less supportive. It becomes weak and can then displace.

What happens when parts become loose on your car? If the lugs aren’t tight on the wheels, they come off and the whole thing breaks down. It’s like the rafters of the roof of a building breaking and the roof caving in.

Nerves get physically blocked and cannot convey their impulses and function suffers. Parts of the body, quite literally doesn’t know what to do!

This is either a direct blockage by displacement, or a weakened structure resulting in it. Both are physical in nature and manifest in similar ways. But what they both have in common is one symptom that is undeniable and which you have undoubtedly noticed at some point.

That symptom is posture. If the structure breaks down, imperfect posture is inevitable. In other words, it rears its ugly head!

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Skeletons should work FOR you, not against you and you have the power to make it happen…

Your ability to control your own structure and function is inborn. It is natural to you.

Having posture that is off-balance is therefore UN-natural and an indication that something is not working right. It is also foreshadowing of sinister things to come.

Whether a nutritional or purely physical breakdown, this structural issue can be addressed.

Physically, however, even if your bones themselves have come to block this communication, part of the communication has to do with the absorption of nutrients. This could mean that much of the nutrition you ingest can go to waste. It can even make your bones weak and keep them in faulty position. Minerals and nutrients can affect the posture. 

Or worse yet, it can become a surplus deposit in your joints, leading to painful conditions as bursitis, arthritis and the like.

So, it’s important to catch these things. Assess your own posture in a mirror and decide if things look symmetrical. Then assess for what may be deficient.

Most of all, it is important to check the mineral content of your diet. Supplementation is often needed due to deficiencies, especially of calcium. and magnesium.

Fortunately, Instant Cal-Mag-C supplement beverage delivers.

Drinking Instant CalMag-C provides these minerals in a way the body can instantly absorb and immediately use them. It works with the body’s natural process of utilizing them. And therefore it works FAST.

That’s good news to defeat any skeleton that is working against you.

The alternatives can be SCARY!

Challenge your “nutritional posture” today. Drink Instant CalMag-C!

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