When Winter Blues Are a ‘White Powder’ Deficiency

Most assume Winter Blues comes from “too much white stuff” when it may be too little!


No matter where you are, and even if snow isn’t a factor, Winter tends to bring us down.

But if Winter is such a depressant, why does it selectively affect such a random few?

Clearly, for Winter itself to be the cause of “Winter Blues” and to be an epidemic, it would have to afflict near-everyone.

It would seem to indicate there are other factors involved. “Winter Blues” itself is not enough of a culprit. A deeper investigation would likely reveal other fundamental factors.

Some of the most common factors come from common, everyday deficiencies. And, ironically in this case, depression from too much of the “white stuff” could be from too little of it.

So, though the white stuff we’re talking about isn’t snow, remedying deficiency of this white powder can make the snow way more tolerable, or even more enjoyable again!

What ‘white powder’ might you suffer from lack of during winter?

Spoiler alert…

Plain and simple? It’s CALCIUM!

Now, if it were simply this, it would be a cinch to spot and alleviate. Complications, however, arise from this deficiency, occluding it from easy view on inspection.

Calcium is responsible for and involved in more than 300 body processes. But it isn’t alone.

Calcium requires a partner mineral, magnesium, and other vitamins, specific pH conditions and ratios to even be utilized in the first place.

Further, not just any calcium will do. There are several forms. Only one will be accepted and put to use. The others just cause further problems.

So it starts with a deficiency, compounds with others, and problems and conditions stack up on top of it all. The result is a sort of mess, with only obvious symptoms being clear.

And the deficiency may be in the presence of sufficient calcium intake, just the improper form. It only complicates more from there.

All you know is, when Winter rolls around, you’re going DOWN!

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How do the winter Blues result from deficiency?

When speaking specifically about calcium deficiency, it is really not so difficult to achieve.

In fact, it is far easier to become deficient in calcium these days than it is to get it in ample supply. For the very form needed is so precise, the ratio so exact and these factors so rare that it is very unlikely anyone gets a sufficient amount.

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What kind of “side effects” of calcium deficiency can make you feel depressed?

Although they are direct effects, they do cause collateral damage.

Though calcium depletion may not itself depress you, it can cause other deficiencies to do exactly that.

A prime example is in the fact that, without calcium, magnesium cannot be absorbed.

This makes even sufficient amounts of it useless.

Being responsible, for instance, for blood sugar regulation, mood is a “sitting duck” waiting on a snowy, frozen pond. Depression symptoms are common from blood sugar issues and magnesium deficiency is a popular factor in all of it.

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How Winter itself can make you deficient…

Does Winter itself play a role in all of this?

Winter is not without fault, depending on how severe the winter.

For instance, cold outside temperatures, extreme heat inside and other factors actually can deplete minerals. Such factors cause dehydration which many think of as “water deficiency” which is not what it is at all.

Dehydration is mostly a mineral deficiency IN ADDITION TO a shortage of water. The importance of these minerals is such that, in their deficiency, not only will the body not carry out basic processes, it will not even hold onto or utilize water.

Many of the symptoms of dehydration mimic other illnesses and conditions making it difficult to spot. Depression can certainly result from that or even be a symptom.

What can you do when you feel Winter Blue?

While ALL types of Winter Blues are not from a calcium deficiency entirely, it can play a major role in many, even being the root cause of some. And it’s more common than you may realize.

Calcium deficiency is easy to achieve. Depleted minerals in the soil used to grow the plants we eat, dehydration and depletion of the good minerals we do get, poor diet and the like all can start the condition rolling adrift, especially in Winter.

The good news is that it is not difficult to remedy.

Instant CalMag-C is a supplement formulated based on the fundamentals of how the body absorbs and utilizes this live-fueling mineral. It works the way the body requires it, with proper mineral form, ratio and balance so the body can instantly absorb it and immediately put it to use.

When deficiencies exist, the results from supplementing in this way can be astounding, and can turn the depressing “white powder” of Winter into a more enjoyable season, with the reward of a fresh start in Spring to follow.

Try it today and see what it can do for your Winter Blues!

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