When Trouble Focusing Blurs Your Attention

Trouble focusing makes for a troublesome life…

You get up from the couch and go into the next room with an intent. You arrive in the next room and have thought of five other things. Why did you come here again?

You forget why and think of a sixth thing. Then a seventh. And, you never did accomplish the first one. You stress over this and other things. Nothing ever seems to get accomplished.

Commonly labelled “trouble focusing” this is a generality at best. The label only points to suppressing this phenomenon, or coping with it. But can you gain focus back? The answer starts with the million-dollar question:

Why can’t you focus? The most important question!

Your first instinct when you decide you have a problem is to solve it, skipping a most vital step: asking why.

Finding the cause of any condition precedes a permanent handling. Trying to handle the problem before a cause is located is first aid at best.

If there is water flooding the basement, bailing it out may help on the short term to save possessions from total loss, but the cause of the flooding must be established to stop it on the long term.

Trying to handle your focus problem directly is a bit like baling out that flooded basement. How long could you possibly keep up the bailing of water before total exhaustion sets in? Clearly, the flood wins every time!

A most popular “remedy” for difficulty focusing

There is a popular two-step handling for this focusing issue: label and medicate. In fact, it seems to have become a standard go-to when it comes to doing anything about it.

Are drugs that “help you focus” making matters worse?

The trouble is that there are definite causes which are then being ignored, making the short-term, quick fix, an unsustainable remedy on the long term. Riddance of the condition is off the table and it becomes an eternal cope situation.

Just as fatigue and exhaustion would set in if you chose to only bail out the basement without finding out where the water was coming from, so can taking drugs for a problem focusing exhaust all possibilities of achieving focus in an organic way, exacerbating the problem on the long term. It can be exhausting.

Common conditions which can lead to focus issues

Stress is a word which gets thrown around all too easily, particularly when it comes to focusing.

And, while it may seem like trouble focusing will cause you stress, most often it is the stress that is causing the focusing issue.

If there are pre-existing imbalances in the body, stress can effect it physically. Pain, tension, tight muscles and the like can become quite distracting and annoying.

Sure, you go about your business like a champ and conclude these things are minor and don’t effect you in the least. But how do you know for sure?

While your attention seems to be on the task at hand, a small portion of it is on combating the stress symptoms so that you can focus on the task itself. It’s a vicious cycle that gives you lessening attention availability and so can start a spiral of reduced attention.

And the first signs of focus issues are born.

To handle a focusing issue, focus on one thing: the cause!

While reducing stress requires some adjustment of the environment in which you find yourself daily, your body is the closest part of your environment to you. And, if the body is being affected physically by stress, it needs to be addressed.

Imbalances exist within the body as discussed in an earlier article in the blog about posture. Those imbalances lay one open to the effects of stress on the body.

Muscle tension and pain are manifestations of this process. Posture is a symptom that the imbalances exist. So are deficiencies in nutrition, particularly the most vital minerals needed by the body.

Calcium and magnesium could be called the “Dynamic Duo” of stress triggers, fighting them off at every turn. Responsible for proper muscle contraction and relaxation it is easy to see where their deficiency can wreak havoc. Supplementing them can be the difference between focused attention and dispersal.

Getting attention and focus back under control requires focusing on one thing: the cause.

Formulated to allow the body to instantly and naturally absorb these minerals, Instant CalMag-C can be a major factor in the shifting of attention and focus back under control when deficiency is causing difficulty.

Try it now and see what the real difference can be.

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