When the Price of Stress Costs You More Than Freedom From It

The cost of stress freedom seems high until you consider how much it costs to have it

The price of freedom is always hard-fought, dire and of great expense, right?

Everyone knows that. History shows that. It’s been proven time and again beyond a reasonable doubt.

But what does it cost NOT to be free? Relatively speaking, suffering or enduring oppression could be said to cost far more just on the longer term.

Stress can be a form of oppression and there is certainly suffering involved, even if minor or slight.

Enduring stress has been known to cause or worsen illness, and gradually wear one down into a poor state of health.

So what is the real cost of creating a stress-free, wellness-infused existence?

It’s far less than living with it when you look at it relative to the cumulative suffering that can result from living with it. And, the solution turns out to be rather simple.

First step toward victory: identify your enemy!

We can talk all we want about “stress” and it’s known effects, the suffering that results form it and it’s harmful, annoying nature. But what really IS stress and why is it the enemy?

Stress can take many forms and is considered by most to be an external source of challenge to our internal drive to survive.

Challenging our existence as it does, it seems rather obvious the havoc stress can wreak until you consider what a perfect machine the human body is designed to be and the immense amounts of external stress it is designed to endure.

Should you not believe it witness the soldiers who have done amazing things, champion athletes who have pushed the envelope on physical fitness or any of the other miraculous fields of physical endeavor.

That being said, what is it that makes stress the oppressor? How did it rise to tyrannical heights in an environment of such fighters?

The answer is in pre-determined weaknesses from within. It is a predisposition at play…

The real enemy: the enemy WITHIN!

It could be argued that an army’s greatest weakness would be behind allied lines, within its own ranks. Think about it. An un-aligned, cross-intentioned group is a weak one. It lacks a common purpose.

We’ve all heard the modern cliche that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And we’ve mostly agreed that it’s true according to what we see.

So wouldn’t any weakness in the body lay it wide open to the external stress enemy?

Defenses down, the body is always more prone to being affected by stress.

Imbalance. The internal weakness!

Once again, it all comes back to imbalance within the body. Anything that structurally puts it outside of it’s natural balanced state can be considered a weakness.

Posture that is “off” or less-than-perfect, for instance, is an indicator that something, somewhere, is off-balance. Upsetting any structure supporting the shoulders, hips, head, neck or back will manifest itself in postural inadequacies.

Muscles that will not properly contract and relax in tandem, as nature dictates, are an indicator that they are being “mis-signaled” or even malnourished.

Cells that do not get repaired or regenerated leave a weak-spot in their absence.

There are many combinations. It’s the imbalance that creates “mutiny in the ranks” and sets up the enemy, stress, to be victorious.

The real way to fight the war against stress and gain stress-freedom!

Before engaging an enemy, exploiting his weaknesses, you must find, expose and eradicate any internal weaknesses. It’s just common sense when facing a formidable enemy.

Taking such an approach, the enemy is not so formidable after all.

As for gaining freedom from stress, it’s not much of a battle at all if you can mitigate any imbalances in the basic structure as well as the muscular make-up of the body. In fact, muscles are key.

While getting massages, doing yoga, meditating and just plain relaxing are helpful, these only relieve internal “pressure” allowing the weaknesses of imbalance to remain.

As for the muscles themselves, mineral deficiency is what can keep them in a perpetual state of tension, tightness and even pain. Supplying them what they need for proper function sends them into battle, fully-armed. And, again, it is not much of a battle at that point at all.

Instant CalMag-C is formulated to give the muscles their two most required minerals, calcium and magnesium, in the exact form they need it and in the precise combination the body requires to quickly absorb and put them to instant use.

The results can be astounding in restoring function to muscles which have been deficient. Often the difference can be felt immediately!

Want freedom from stress? First get free of the imbalances that may lay you open to the effects of it.

Try Instant CalMag-C today and see how freeing it can be to have the top minerals your body needs to fight the good fight.

And bask in your new-found freedom… You earned it!

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