When Mood Swings and Irritability Become Exhaustion…

Stress, work and life are trying, but riding the mood swing can be exhausting, leaving you coping with it for years to come!

Stress. We all experience it. We’ve all felt its effects. And, somehow we deal with it.

But when it comes to mood swings, irritability and even tiredness, exhaustion is never far behind.

Is it all hopeless?

That depends largely on knowing more than just the warning signs. It is dependent on knowing the origins.

Understanding the causes of mood swings allows us to take them on.

Are mood swings and irritability “a thing”?

This is not a common question, it is a ready assumption.

Like so many other symptoms which get treated as though they are the problems themselves, irritability, mood swings and their resultant exhaustion are “thought to be” conditions which require treatment.

What is more known, if less noticed, is that such an approach provides relief, not riddance. This means one’s only hope is to cope. Living with it is the implication that is read loud and clear.

But is there hope for irritability and mood swings, or must we continue to deal or “cope” with them for the rest of our lives?

The best way to deal with mood swings, irritability and exhaustion? Look at the big picture!

You can search for techniques, therapies and the like, and you will end up with endless “dealing with” the issue at hand, a common situation in which most sufferers find themselves.

A good first step is one backward, far enough to look at the bigger picture. Not only is it important what is happening in the external environment, it is vital to understand what else is going on in the body.

No, we’re not talking “chemical imbalances” that comprise the modern-day “waste-basket” of diagnoses, but of the other symptoms one may be experiencing and other conditions happening which, though seemingly unrelated, maybe causing or exacerbating the situation.

What causes mood swings, depression, low energy and exhaustion?

While the list of answers to this question is perhaps never-ending, the fact of asking the question is the way to a permanent change in these conditions. Treating these symptoms directly only provides relief, but seldom a permanent solution.

Finding the cause, though best done with a wellness practitioner who knows how to trace warning signs to their origin, starts with your own logical view, one only you can provide regardless of what Google or the best practitioners in their fields say.

What is the bigger picture? What other symptoms exist, even if they seem unrelated? What is happening in your environment? Even approaching a top wellness pro for answers requires you introspect and answer up to these questions. It is a “self-pre-exam” that most be done.

Hormone imbalances, erratic blood sugar, fatigue, structural malfunction, nerve energy production are but a popular few of the myriad of conditions that can cause or be key contributors to mood swings.

Blood sugar, for instance, regulated by dietary habits, can make for a very moody roller coaster ride indeed. Reduced nerve energy flow due to blockages can reduce body function by more than 50% in many cases. Physical fitness and inability to deal with physical stress in the environment can be yet another.

Even pain and tension play their role. Imagine lifting weights, not for a few sets of reps, but 24 hours a day, non-stop, even in your sleep!

Mood and demeanor are bound to be affected.

What is the best thing to do about mood swings, irritability and exhaustion?

The first step is a step backward to do a self-assessment and look at the entire body of symptoms and the environment too. It is not only a good start, it is often enough to show up the real issues which can be rather obvious and immediate changes can be made with limited, if any, intervention.

With such a list compiled, commonalities can be found and traced to other sources. Nerve energy decline, erratic blood sugar, poor dietary or sleep habits and even other painful conditions can open the door to a better understanding, and course of action for riddance, not just relief.

Calcium and magnesium are clearly at play. Responsible collectively for hundreds of body processes and functions, their regulation, deficiency and supplementation can be the most key factor, and a great starting point. Verifying their presence or absence can make a significant change and, themselves, can be the difference between a mood swing or an upswing of a wave of wellness in the body.

Try Instant Calmag-C, a supplement formulated in the laboratory to work with the body’s natural way of absorbing and utilizing these most vital minerals. Combined with handling the environment and any other tandem issues can be the game-changer you didn’t think was possible.

Sometimes it is a simple fix like this that makes the greatest impact.

Try it and see if there can be a simple end to the mood swing, irritability and exhaustion roller-coaster.

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