When Knee Pain Brings You to Your Knees

3 knee pain sources you may be unknowingly causing

Knee pain may be common, but it does not discriminate against those less active. In fact, a sedentary lifestyle is just as likely to cause knee issues as a more active one. And it is not confined to injuries.


Many who suffer knee pain care little about the cause and more about the fix. But, finding the cause may itself be the fix. Let’s look at 3 causes of knee pain that can help put a remedy in view.

Knee injuries

This seems a rather obvious one. Whether a sprain, strain, dislocation or the more severe ACL injury, knee injuries can be a menace that it seems you must live or deal with.

The nature of the injury, however, is not nearly as significant as what caused it. A fall to the ground as a result of it (or the actual cause) would create additional shock to the body and can leave imbalances which prevent its proper healing.

Pre-existing imbalances can even predispose you to this type of injury and points to a number of issues which may be related…

Hip or sciatic issues

If you don’t suffer hip pain or any obvious static issues, it may seem like you may be exempt from this knee pain culprit. But any imbalances or irritations that occur with regard to the sciatic nerve can be causing a communication breakdown between your brain and your knee.

Nerve communication problems can have a variety of sources. Energy flow along the nerves can be hindered in a couple of ways. Most commonly it is either a physical blockage or a deficiency of the calcium or magnesium that drive nerve impulses.

Regardless of its cause, issues in this area can be cutting communication with the knee and prevent healing or simply cause irritation, pain or perpetuation of any past injury.

Mineral issues and arthritis

One of the most overlooked causes is mineral deficiency. Calcium and magnesium are of paramount importance to not only nerve energy flow and muscular relaxation, but even mitigate pain and inflammation themselves.

Arthritis seems obvious as a problem until you consider that, despite having a surplus deposit of calcium in the knee joint, you may yet be deficient.

The body sometimes suffers deficiency even when these minerals are apparently consumed due to the nature of its absorption requirements. If calcium and magnesium are not received in the proper form, combination or ratio, the body will not use them. Unused, they have to go somewhere.

Their surplus can collect in the joints, unused and menacing.

Knowing the cause of knee pain can indicate the solution…

Knowing the real source of the knee issue can drastically increase your chances of resolving them.

Obviously if sitting in one position is a factor, then getting into action and motion periodically and stretching can help. But where a combination of factors exists, you may need to do more.

Consuming proper nutrition which provides calcium and magnesium is of paramount importance and underlies many of the other causes of knee pain.

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See what difference it can make in otherwise painful situations. Knee pain may not be necessary at all, even if you’ve had an injury before. Try Instant CalMag-C today!

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