When Hysteria Outside Starts a Little Closer to Home…

Hysteria has been a subject of discussion of late and there is no question as to its effects.

There is also no doubt in the average person’s mind that it can be contagious. That is all too obvious.

And, although there are many environmental reasons for people to react in fear or anxiety, it very often starts closer to home, so close that it is hidden from view.

We are speaking, of course, about the anxiety that comes from within.

While mental or even spiritual reasons could be argued and even have much validity, many people neglect the physical aspects. But when you take a moment to consider a few factors that could trigger “catching” hysteria in the first place, you will find a few factors which can explain its origin.

And with THAT, you stand a chance at being “immune” to it or at least feeling a little better!

What state of mind do you end up in working while malnourished or sleep-deprived?

You can better understand hysteria, anxiety and the like, straight off, when you consider this question: Have you ever tried to work all day with a headache?

Think about it. You may have gotten your work done, but what did it do to your attitude, your patience and your demeanor?

How did others react? Did you experience any adverse reactions from others? Did they feel better or worse after their interaction with you?

This problem is two-fold: your mental state and its “infection” of others!

How could you increase ‘immunity’ to hysteria?

As you can see, in this case, you can not only be prone to becoming anxious, jittery, nervous (call it what you will), but you can also spread it to others.

That said, it would be a subject of interest to boost your “immunity” and defend against “catching” it.

While this could include turning off the news, or going out for a nature hike (mental handling only), the physical aspects yet need to be addressed.

If you are sleep deprived, the remedy is sleep. If you are hungry, the remedy is FOOD!

Hysterical or nervous? It’s always best to get down to basics and first check the obvious!

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What two physical factors can underlie nervousness, stress, anxiety and hysteria?

When stress from the environment is at its peak, it will “seep” into the body anywhere it perceives weakness. Just like any illness, it looks for the points of lowered resistance.

Witness living on coffee for lack of sleep and no food for many hours. When you get that jittery feeling, you are starting to understand the state of mind it can induce.

And you may even understand how it can spread to others and make a bad situation worse.

Physically, the problem of nervousness starts with the nervous and endocrine systems. These systems, being affected by factors which inhibit their smooth operation, can quickly malfunction.

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What to do about nervousness and its contagious nature?

As far as spreading it, isolation may be necessary. Nothing as drastic as quarantine, but often when your mood is altered for any of these reasons, it is wise to leave the room or group. It seems to apply to moods on the same order as bacteria.

This is obvious and many of us practice “leaving the room or situation” instinctively. But what about where it comes from?

Nerve energy is a very sensitive thing. It depends largely upon its ability to conduct and propel electricity. It does this by nutritional (mineral) support and an unblocked nerve pathway, clear of “traffic”.

The only things that really mess with it are lack of mineral supply and physical interferences.

The physical blockages are easy to spot, especially by Chiropractors, who are involved in the science of nerve energy flow.

But then there is the energy flow itself. Deficiencies in nutrition and mineral support cause nerve energy flow to weaken. Without such support there would be no energy. And, where this energy was lacking due to deficiency of flow, the rebound can be miraculous when it is restored!

The takeaway is that you should always check for proper nerve energy flow and isolate whether it is a lack of minerals, or irritated or blocked nerve pathyways or both.

One or the other or both are inevitably part of the problem when it occurs in this way.

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‘Specializing’ in nerve energy flow can help calm things down a bit…

You may not be nervous because of these things. But it can be said that these things can cause nervousness and they can certainly make it way worse than it needs to be!

So, even if there are other causes, the basic structural, nutritional and physical support is the foundation of it all. You perhaps have experienced in your past “getting in shape” or starting some nutritional or exercise regimen and found yourself feeling better without having handled any emotional or mental aspects.

This is the foundation of support. In fact, many have found these physical factors to be the main cause and so no longer had the problem. Some just found more relief and a much lesser emotional stress thereafter.

Regardless it is always best to ensure the physical basics are present and accounted for.

Drinking Instant CalMag-C calcium and magnesium supplement beverage with Vitamin C is one of the measures that can be taken to ensure any deficiencies of these vital minerals are fulfilled and the basics of the body’s needs are met. This, when deficiency is the true cause, can make a tremendous difference.

Because the formulation of this supplement is based on how the body absorbs and utilizes these minerals, especially to combat stress, it goes to work instantly and fulfillment of deficiency can start immediately.

You can only imagine the personal results that can occur. And, as “contagious stress” in one individual can “spread” to others, you can imagine how a little supplementation can spread far and wide to calm things down, not just for you, but for others too!

And, in times like these especially, that’s something we can all use!

Drink Instant CalMag-C. Try it today and see how calm you and your environment can be!

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