When ‘Energy Drinks’ Take More Than They Give, It’s Theft!

If you’ve turned to an ‘energy beverage’ for a pick-me-up, have you lost more energy than you gained?

Energy drinks are beyond a craze. They seem to be the order of the day, and certainly here to stay.

A veritable part of popular, everyday culture, they are relied-upon by many, as evidenced by their abundant presence everywhere we turn.

But with all this extra “fuel” lying around, why are exhaustion and fatigue among the top symptoms people carry from a stressful life? Shouldn’t we have more energy, not less?

Surprisingly, the answer is more obvious when you consider the longer term effects of a quick-fix. For liquid “boosters” of energy bring a fast gain, but a net loss.

And, understanding this can put real energy within reach.

Can you really drink energy?

Energy is a broad subject and encompasses the subject of power. And, when it comes to the human body, power sources are simple and break down to a 3-step process:

1. Take in fuel 2. Gain Energy 3. Use it

While anything that can be classified as fuel can be considered to provide energy or power in some context, fuel requirements vary. Not all things requiring fuel can use just any form of it.

It is much like trying to put diesel into a car that runs on unleaded regular or perhaps burning car fuel in a rocket engine. The human body has it’s fuel requirements and creates and expends energy accordingly.

So what type of fuel does the body require?

This is the crux of the problem and is a bit more complex than dumping a few gallons of gas into your ride.

The body is just a bit more complex and selective.

Here’s how….

How does your body get, convert and use energy?

While there are complex processes working in unison, this is actually quite simple.

Nutrition is key. The body requires certain vitamins and minerals. These are absorbed and converted into energy and utilized accordingly. A slight oversimplification, this is the fundamental on which the overall unit operates.

The body, however, is made of of conglomerates of cells which make up organs, glands, bones, muscles and entire systems composed of these. Each system and function has it’s own unique requirement. All use some part of the fuel gained from diet, ingesting the foods rich in these nutrients.

Again, “nutrient” is the key term.

In other words, all “energy” sources (more correctly-stated “fuel) are not usable for all body processes.

This is the make-break between adequate energy and ease of activity and utter exhaustion. There is a fine line separating the achievement of each, subtle and easy to cross at first, and so difficult to get back to in retreat.

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Why do energy drinks give so little and take so much?

Though all energy drinks are not created equal, and whether touted “natural”, “organic” or the like, the quick energy promised by such containing ingredients touted to boost energy levels is short-lived.

On the longer term, many such “active” ingredients can bring more slump than boost.

Ingredients such as caffeine, sugar (and derivatives of sugar), and even some “natural” ingredients can indeed boost the alertness, but on the long term burn out the system.

The adrenal glands, for instance, the very glands designed to handle stress, become overworked and burn out. When this happens, exhaustion is just the beginning. Fatigue and utter breakdown of entire systems can ensue.

Most of all, many of these popular energy drinks burn up key vitamins and, especially, minerals including the all-powerful calcium and magnesium power duo, the two minerals responsible for hundreds of body processes.

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How to you avoid a stressed-out, exhausted existence and have energy at the same time?

The answer is simple. Proper nutrition is key.

Minerals and vitamins are the fuel your body requires. There are no shortcuts. Good, old-fashioned sleep for recovery, and minerals and vitamins for energy are the recipe for power.

There is no other formula where the body is concerned.

Calcium and magnesium are a great place to start. In their absence, tight muscles, tension, pain and discomfort follow. Only these two powerful minerals can give muscles and many other systems what they need to function.

Instant CalMag-C is an instant, drinkable, calcium and magnesium beverage designed to absorb instantaneously according to how the body uses these minerals and get them to work immediately.

Where deficiency exists and exhaustion results, energy is seldom far behind, or at least a steady recovery when levels are progressively replenished.

The results reported when supplementing deficiency are nothing short of astounding and game-changing.

Should your energy be low, perhaps your calcium and magnesium levels are too. Try the supplement designed to supply it the way the body needs it, and fast!

See what real energy is made of. Try it today!

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