When Deficiency Is False and Results in Full-On Dependency!

Could you be deficient in toxins?


It’s a buzzword nowadays. People suspect they might be deficient. Some know they are. Many of us are told we must be. And it all seems very logical…

But, even when it is “known” what nutritional element we lack, how do we know we don’t have enough of it?

The answer lies within the understanding of how the body works. What we give it, particularly when it gets ill or is malfunctioning, is supposed to be largely dependent upon deficiency of some fundamental building block.

This is what true deficiency is.

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But what about certain “remedies” (self- or doctor-prescribed) which handle everything from tiredness and sluggishness, to stress and full-blown body system malfunction?

Do we drink extra coffee or energy drinks because we are “caffeine or sugar deficient”?

Are we aspirin deficient when we get a headache?

Does someone turn to street drugs because the body is deficient in them?

Are we “medication deficient” when we get ill and take some?

Although medication has its place, as can many other things we choose to ingest, and while this is no campaign to ignore doctors’ orders and go off your meds, it is an interesting find in the investigation as to what really happens when the body breaks down that the deficiency theory breaks down.

For when you don’t trace things back far enough in time to when the true cause happened, you not only end up perpetuating the problem, you turn the actual deficiency into a full-blown dependance on the apparent remedy itself.

A vicious, seemingly uncontrollable condition, the cycle can yet be broken with a true understanding of how the body works, what it needs and how to actually make it run and be well.

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Why the ‘toxin deficiency’ theory is a bit deficient in explanation…

It is a little ironic that something so obvious could go overlooked when it comes to the deficiency theory.

Remedy after remedy has been purveyed to solve the most intricate of problems looking only at the initial or highlighted effects of such remedies on an actual condition with blatant disregard to what caused the condition in the first place.

In the previous article on inflammation, various factors were detailed on the fact that inflammation is not a condition in and of itself, though uncomfortable to experience. It is a natural immune system reaction to the problem.

In other words, there is no “anti-inflammatory drug” deficiency in the body. The body has broken down and is actually doing its job when it creates inflammation in direct response to a threat. This is proper immune system function.

And, while it is not a deficiency of an anti-inflammatory drug which is at fault, there may be yet another mineral, nutritional or vitamin deficiency at play which caused the situation.

In other words, deficiencies can and most commonly do exist.

Sometimes giving a so-called “remedy” ignores this and tries to “supplement” with something which merely attacks the symptom – namely, “easing the discomfort” rather than figuring out what the discomfort is trying to tell you.

What are the signals and how do you read them? This is where the story gets tricky and where the critical decisions need to be made within very limited margin for error!

What is wrong with your body? If you listen, it’s actually trying to tell you!

Just as when your body gets hungry when it needs food or thirsty when it needs hydration, so does it tell you when things are breaking down.

And, yes, pain and inflammation are body functions.

Pain was made to be heard, not silenced.

Only when the discomfort is traced back to an actual cause do we get any chance at permanent remedy of the condition. Only then can pain medications, anti-inflammatories or any other emergency intervention medications be put to true use in giving comfort and ease while the real cause is handled, though they do have a valid place in the equation.

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So, what’s your problem? If you listen, your body is trying to tell you!

Deficiency is a key cause to many conditions which may even seem unresolvable at times. The pain or discomfort we experience tends to throw us off.

The only “remedy” for this seeming unresolvable situation is to gain an understanding of the basic mechanics of how the body works in harmony, how it communicates within and how things should run in the ideal.

Without such knowledge, its discomfort, ineffective treatments and a dependency on the “remedy” without any regard to the original cause is our lot.

The nervous system connects it all and needs to be in top working order


The nervous system is key to connecting it all including keeping the warning signs themselves in the best working order possible.

How is the nervous system powered?

That’s right… with calcium and magnesium!

These two kingpin minerals not only take part in nearly every body function, they are responsible for the very action that propels nerve energy.

That means without them, the entire system is without power!

Instant calmag-C is a supplement, laboratory-formulated, based on how the body absorbs and utilizes these two life-giving (and sometimes life-saving) minerals.

The result is a drinkable supplement that goes to work fast, instantly absorbed and immediately used by the body.

Try it today and see what difference it can make when you fulfill a basic and very real deficiency. And and here’s to hoping you be less “dependent” on any “remedy”.

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