When a Massage Won’t Cut It Even If Your Pain Isn’t Chronic

You consider your pain ‘not chronic’ but, is a massage really all you need?

Perhaps the greatest mis-definition of all time is “chronic” when it comes to describing the stress people tend to carry in their shoulders, neck, head or back.

Most will admit to such occasional, minor pain, but nearly all will attest that it isn’t “chronic” in nature.

The irony is that “chronic” actually means “occasionally” in a manner of speaking. It is a term that denotes a repetition over time. And that is what people complain of.

And therein lay the greatest difference between two key terms: relief and riddance.

A massage may provide relief, but is it all you need to rid yourself of the problem?

As it turns out, there are is a vast difference between relief and riddance and massage, taken alone, may not be the entire solution.

Massage may ‘feel good’ but if the pain comes back even once, it is ‘relief’ at best and requires help to achieve riddance…

Simply put, if, after a massage, pain returns, even after a while, the condition is not only chronic, there is only relief and no riddance.

This doesn’t invalidate the therapeutic value of massage, and certainly doesn’t make it feel any less relaxing. Massage therapy gets deep into the tissues, stimulates blood flow and can help mitigate stress on a short term.

Its value should not be underestimated.

But when it comes to any tool of relief, it must be used in conjunction with something that treats the actual cause of the problem. This is where true riddance can be found!

What is true riddance and how do you achieve it? It’s very simple actually…

The difference between ‘riddance’ and ‘relief’ requires understanding the differences between ’cause’ and ‘effect’…

Cause and effect. A simple premise, easy to understand. Some source causes some effect. It would seem difficult to mix up those two. But as problems become more complex, so does the ease of confusing these polar opposites.

Pain in the body is not basic. Pain is a warning system that something is threatening or dangerous to the body. It is a way of communicating that danger to instill some action. Deadening it, though necessary when suffering, is kind of a silly premise.

Let’s say an imbalance occurs in the basic structure of the body and that, as a direct result, nerves become irritated. The muscles, in-turn, react, perhaps contracting and then not relaxing again.

Chronic tension results. Pain is imminent.

Considering this sequence, consider what you are treating when you simply relieve pain. You are treating the tail end of the chain reaction, one of the effects. At the start of the chain is the real source.

To attain permanent relief (i.e. “riddance”) you would need to start with balancing the imbalance that started the cycle. Only then, therapeutically would lasting relief become manifest.

Physical, chemical or mental, causes far outweigh effects in importance!

Nerve irritations from structural imbalances are common, but do not constitute the sum total of all causes. Chemically, malnutrition (deficiency of vitamins and minerals) can cause similar chain reactions, as can any psycho somatic ones (emotional trauma and stress).

Chasing up the chain of events to the origin, in every case, is warranted and necessary to achieve such a riddance of the problem.

Carrying stress in your shoulders or neck, which you previously considered “not chronic” suddenly takes on a new color? Doesn’t it?

ANTI-STRESS FORMULA: Becoming self-aware plus treating cause equals relief PLUS riddance!

Now that you know the cycle of cause to effect and understand where pain lies on the timeline, you will automatically be a little more self-aware when you experience such problems as carrying your stress in your shoulders, neck or back.

You should watch it through new eyes. Over time it will do one of three things. It will get progressively better, stay the same or get slightly worse.

The first one is progress toward true riddance, but is not always, as pain itself is not the only warning sign of imbalance.

Staying the same or getting worse is an obvious signal that the source of the problem still exists and you are only achieving relief. Finding the cause is still wanting.

Calcium and Magnesium to the Rescue?

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As you can imagine, their deficiency can be quite the cause of many conditions.

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Find out just how infrequent stress symptoms can be, or even if possible to rid yourself of them for good. It has happened before. Try it today and see what effects it has on your “causes”!

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