What You Do During the Day May Be Ruining Your Night: Sleep Issues Secret Exposed!

You wouldn’t know it but you may be holding the brain-off-switch ON, keeping you awake at night!

Can’t shut down.

Racing thoughts. Too much to think about.

Just can’t get to sleep.

How will you get it all done? And how will you ever get to sleep with all you have to worry about, do, consider, etc.?

Sound familiar?

But, what if the amount you have on your mind had little to do with whether or not you can get to sleep at night? What if there was something else keeping you awake which, known about, could be avoided?

What if you could sleep no matter how much you had going on or even how overwhelming it may be?

You may think that this would be doing the impossible but, what you would be experiencing is actually NORMAL brain activity, relaxation and sleep.

Yes, the human body (even yours) is capable of sleep regardless of whatever you consider “keeps you awake” at night or interrupts your ability to sleep. This is how it is SUPPOSED TO work.

Knowing how the body, its functions and breakdowns in these interfere with your sleep actually opens the door to getting yours.

And, if you haven’t been sleeping, that could mean everything!

A look at the leading culprit and its devastating effects is key to making it happen…

Technology always tends to make life simpler… well, that is, until it doesn’t!

High-tech is not new. It’s decades old. It’s so “normal” that it can no longer be considered “high” tech at all.

On the surface, this is a good thing. For, life-improving technology being abundantly available seems like it would be an ideal scenario.

Until it isn’t.

How couldn’t it be?

When the extraordinary becomes the ordinary, it becomes the “new normal” which, on the surface can seem like a no-fail proposition. But, just as a bad habit (even if not known to be bad at the time) can become popular, and later found out to be detrimental, so can virtually any activity or technology.

Smoking was once considered a habit virtually everyone engaged in. Pregnant women smoked. Doctors recommended certain cigarette brands. Health risks were not publicly-known.

Yet, nowadays, smoking is considered quite the opposite by the public at large.

While it is not the best analogy, it serves to illustrate how something that changes life apparently for the better could have other effects which are insidiously worsening it.

As for sleep interruption, technology itself comes into play. As sleep depends largely on a shift in brain activity, interruption of brain function would logically, therefore, affect it.

Right now technology exists that is enabling you to read this article, influencing in some way every activity you engage in. And it is happening to you whether you own or personally use such tech or not.

This is what is likely, in part, keeping you awake when you should be falling or staying asleep.

What tech is capable of such evil? You’re holding it in your hand right this minute, or at least looking at it, and it’s influencing you more than you know!

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The “evil minion” that plots your sleepless nights may be carrying out orders from YOU!

Technology has brought us many things, perhaps the most popular of which is LED screen technology. And, whether you own or use smart devices or computers, it is inevitable.

Think about it. Everywhere you turn, whether on a train platform or ordering food or coffee, LED screens are there.

But, let’s face it, you are likely personally involved in some way. Everyone at least seems to have a smart phone and at least one other device. And you do use them primarily over any other appliance. (In fact, even some of your appliances are driven by them!)

Binge watching Netflix series? LED screen.

Instagramming or SnapChatting? LED screen.

Online shopping ’til you drop? LED screen.

This wouldn’t be a problem except for one thing: brain stimulation.

Not that it’s a bad thing, but exerting all that energy without being aware of how much can be a problem. When you are trying to supply the body what it needs energy-wise, then secretly using it, you can be left terribly wanting.

Deficiencies are born in classic situations such as these. Surreptitiously using energy, you tend to run out of it.

If you don’t believe it, try driving your car on a 500 mile trip while ignoring the fuel gage.

You’ll soon find yourself stranded!

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Daytime, Nighttime, Brain-time: What They Have to Do With Sleep…

Without the necessity of a pHD or learned understanding of the human body, logic tells us much about this subject. In fact a cursory knowledge of body function points to a considerable simplicity of logical factors.

First, to sleep, the body should be relaxed. Fleeing to escape an attacking mugger, you would likely be “tense” in every sense of the word. This, logically, would not be a state during which you would ever sleep. Even if you lacked the energy, your body would naturally kick into high gear, giving you the tension and energy needed for such a feat.

Therefore, if your body can’t relax, it would not likely allow itself to fall asleep. Further, it would eventually collapse from exhaustion.

Sleep being a restorative and regenerative body activity, this is not sleep in fact. It is a total failure of function.

Less obvious, however, is the amount of brain activity that is caused just by the color, intensity and action of the light waves coming from these screens. It stimulates the brain utilizing a tremendous amount of energy. This means, in a much cruder sense, “burning fuel” very inefficiently. This is the body’s equivalent of your car “wasting gas” because of poor fuel economy. It burns it faster than you realize.

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What “fuel” do you “burn up” while being influenced by all the screen time you face, willingly and unwillingly throughout your awake time?

When the body is under stress, it burns up tremendous amounts of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B1, for instance, could be considered a “thinking vitamin” because its supply tends to get used up by over-stress, obsessive thinking, even alcohol and drug consumption.

A prime example would be the burning up of minerals such as calcium and magnesium (which could also be considered the “stress-defending minerals”) during body detox or even exercise, over-exertion and the like.

These two minerals work together and, either in deficiency makes the other essentially useless. Responsible for hundreds of body processes each, sleep is definitely one of the functions they assist in regulating and fail to support when deficient.

Without them, muscle contraction and relaxation, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, hydration and numerous other functions go unsupported. Sleep issues become the least of your worries when that happens. Sleep, nonetheless, is inevitably at effect of such deficiency.

“Screen time stress” burns up more fuel than you realize. And yes, staring at screens is a stress-related activity as far as the body is concerned.

How can you increase your odds to fall FAST asleep, or asleep FAST?

The brain activity needs to be under control and very relaxed for sure. Drastically reducing, apportioning or controlling screen time is a great first step. But, realize in the process that ANY screen time is a stress on the body and that it burns up fuel.

Even when you are getting a sufficient supply of minerals in your diet, screen time can burn it up faster than you realize making you deficient after all. This is not mostly the case as most people are deficient from diet and other body factors that either are not absorbing these powerful minerals or using them up completely.

In other words, most don’t have enough in the first place.

Instant CalMag-C is a supplement laboratory-formulated to duplicate the exact combination of the required forms of these two, most-essential minerals for the body to not only instantly absorb, but put to immediate, effective use.

The results can be eye-opening (or closing when it comes to prior lack of sleep!) This instant-mixing, drinkable mineral supplement is second to none when it comes to fulfilling deficiencies, especially where they are created by stress.

So adjust your screen time but support it with what the body needs to keep up with the habit. Use instant CalMag-C to fulfill a most dire deficiency and see what sleep lay ahead for you.

You may just wake up to better, faster sleep!

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