What to Do When the Person Getting On Your Last Nerve Turns Out to Be YOU!

You may have your woes chalked up to people and circumstances, but did you set yourself up for them physically?

When we think of being short on anything, “patience” is a word that comes to mind in the stresses we face in our environment.

When it comes to deficiency, here is something we could certainly use more of, or so it seems in a large majority of people.

But when some thing, situation or, especially, person “get’s on our last nerve” and drives us beyond tolerable limits, we are quick to point fingers, often justifiably, but ultimately, with no relief in sight.

When we “take on” stress from our environment, carrying or holding it physically while reflecting it in our demeanor or attitude, we tend to consider we had nothing to do with it.

But, do we after all?

One overwhelmingly obvious fact points to a basic cause within our own zone of control. Clearly, entering any situation with a weakness, you are ill-equipped to handle the circumstances.

So, those nerves people and situations are “getting on” may themselves be short of the task in the first place.

Fortunately, there IS an explanation which, for certain, opens the door to a new way of handling stress and keeping it at bay!

Is ‘patience deficiency’ a real thing? Can we run short of it for real?

Short answer? Not really.

Deficiency, however, is not completely out of the question. In fact, it can play a major role.

But, deficiency of what, and what are the other influencing factors?

We’re not talking about a chemical imbalance, nor are we looking at how the emotional can effect the physical (which indeed it can).

We are looking at those things required for proper nerve function, proper energy and brain function as well as an overall physical strength and ability to overcome any stresses in the environment.

Any weakness can make our experience in the most basic of tasks most unpleasant indeed.

Yet, it would shock and surprise most people to realize how much environmental stress their bodies are designed to take, without too much effort or loss of patience, let alone sanity!…

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Are there physical aspects to things ‘getting on our nerves’ or stressing us out?

It becomes obvious, once you understand proper and normal body function, that any breakdown can not only cause havoc, it can hinder ability to rise to the occasion.

Consider having a broken dominant arm. Think of all the things you are normally able to do and how much more effort it may take, a frustrating situation for sure.

Simple tasks are a challenge. More complex ones become all but impossible. And your attitude and demeanor can plummet in direct proportion to the decline of function.

Your nerves are no different. And, considering that they are connecting the brain to every last organ, body system, muscle group and the like, you can see how a breakdown of this communication would make problems of the simplest of functions, let alone any challenges you may be facing.

Have you ever been overly hungry or tired and run short of patience? Ever try to deal with people while you work through a headache. Have you attempted to argue while you were feeling worn out or were in pain?

If so, you have experienced not a deficiency of patience, but an irritated deficiency of something else entirely.

But what deficiency could it be?

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What deficiencies cause you to run short on patience?

While the list of possible deficiency vs function combinations there are is near-infinite, one tends to trump all others. Just in its influence on the body alone, it can affect hundreds of body processes, leaving you with patience worn-thin – maybe even worn OUT!

That deficiency?

The dynamic duo, calcium and magnesium, the partner “stress minerals” are most often to blame in such situations. Responsible for over 300 functions each, these minerals literally can’t be lived-without.

Imagine what their deficiency could cause. Further, in absence of function, what that would mean to your level of tolerance for people and circumstances. Even the most patient person would be hard-pressed to maintain their demeanor.

Calcium and magnesium are the power minerals behind the nerves themselves.

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If you want anything to ‘get on your nerves’ in life, make it calcium and magnesium!

While nerves are designed to propel electrical energy via a contraction-relaxation relay, calcium and magnesium drive each part of that relay. Calcium contracts and magnesium relaxes.

So, the most basic function of living bodies starts with these two minerals. Getting them in proper combination and form, in precise ratio and in an adequate environment for absorption is paramount.

That’s why Instant CalMag-C can be such a vital link. It is formulated in exact ratio and form, to be instantly-absorbed and utilized immediately in the hundreds of body functions.

Supplementing with Instant CalMag-C where these minerals have been deficient can be a game-charger when it comes to basic function, and all the tolerance, patience and ease with which you should be able to face the stresses in your environment and in life!

If things are getting on your nerves, accept responsibility but don’t just sit and take the blame. Do something about it. Supplement with Instant CalMag-C today and see that it just might not have been your last nerve after all!

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