What to Do When PAIN Is Your Diagnosis

Pain is an unwanted, disliked condition, but itself ISN’T a diagnosis!


We all hate it. After quarantine you may have even experienced more of it. No one EVER enjoys it.

We always want to be rid of it.

Far beyond riddance, however, we always want to know WHY we have it. But, sometimes, we are told we can’t know…

It is obviously no joke, yet the joke is on us when we appeal for help with it and are given a diagnosis labelling it.

What would you think if you went to the doctor, said you were in pain, went through tests only to have the doctor come back and diagnose you with PAIN?

It’s a funny thought, but this is what happens, day-in and day-out, year-round, for thousands of people. And it isn’t very UN-humorous to them. Quite the opposite, and they’re not laughing.

So why does this happen and what does it mean to you?

It isn’t so much your doctor’s fault, nor is it yours. It just means you need to better understand pain and your role in getting it traced down to a proper source.

Fortunately, there are a few basics which, understood, can not only give you answers, but relief from pain and, in the ultimate, prevention of it happening in the first place!

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What is pain, and why are we destined to suffer with it?

Is pain just punishment? Is it a factor that makes life tough? Is it a tenet taught at the “School of Hard Knocks”? Fate, destiny or tragic flaw?

Or is there meaning, rhyme and reason to it?

The answer lies in understanding what it is and its mechanics. Examined, you’ll find it is quite simple, actually.

Pain is part of an alert system. It could be likened to a smoke and fire detection system.

When a fire occurs in a building with such a system, the alarm sounds and alerts people in the building as well as the authorities: the fire department.

The firemen could be likened to your doctor, the alarm to the pain and the fire to the actual cause.

It would be ridiculous to think that a fireman would “diagnose” the situation with “fire alarm disorder” and merely silence it. It would be absurd to even consider.

A fireman uses the alarm as an alert to investigate, isolate and handle the problem. He finds the fire and its source, and puts it out. In fact, after the initial fire is put out, often, investigators come in to find out what happened and why.

So how do you get to the real cause of pain and open the door to riddance?

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How to get rid of pain or, better yet, prevent it?

There is a joke not many people know about. It involves a condition called “Fibromyalgia” which is a term which, in context, means pain all over the body (in the muscular fibers).

Imagine you have such pain all over your body. You go to your doctor. He asks you what’s wrong. You tell him and describe it in this way.

The doctor examines you and gives you a diagnosis of “Fibromyalgia” and concludes the visit.

What just happened? Well, that’s the running joke.

You went in and told the doctor you had pain all over your body and the doctor diagnosed you as having pain all over your body. It is no laughing matter, if a little ironic.

This is the fireman diagnosing the fire as a “fire alarm disorder” and shutting it off.

Now, there is nothing wrong with your doctor, nor is there any shame in having a few mysteries among diagnoses. There is however a missing component in this scenario… YOU!

Factually the missing ingredient is you and your self awareness as to what pain is and where it comes from. And you have something more to say, believe it or not, than “I’m in pain, doc!”

There are many factors. Your lifestyle, your diet, stress levels, activities and other things that, in absence of self-awareness, go unnoticed. These are tantamount to the electrical wires or the gas leak that cause the fire. The alarm goes off when fire breaks out, but it should have been noticed sooner.

You can be the investigator.

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What to do about your pain…

Your doctor is often integral to your wellness, but doctors are not clairvoyant. There is a responsibility on the part of the patient to give factors, environmental, habitual and otherwise, to the doctor to assist in the investigation.

Chiropractors are actually experts in this. They work with the patient to isolate a cause. 90% of what they do is dedicated to investigating and finding a source. Nutritional consultants who do reflexological and nutritional testing do this too.

The source has to be isolated before a handling can be administered.

One of the most common sources of pain involves nutritional deficiencies of one kind or another. And among the top contenders is, you guessed it, calcium and magnesium deficiency.

This has been found to be at the root of so many conditions (or at least a major factor in them) because these two minerals are part and parcel to, literally, HUNDREDS of body functions. Even blood pressure and blood sugar levels! Nearly everything!

So you can imagine what havoc their deficiency can wreak.

Instant CalMag-C is a supplement engineered to remedy calcium and magnesium deficiency fast. It is formulated to absorb instantly and be used immediately.

So when pain has, as one of its causes, the deficiency of these two minerals, you can imagine the effects supplementing them with Instant CalMag-C can do.

Always visit the doctor when pain is a factor, but be proactive too. Supplement your deficiencies and be alert of ALL the factors involved, not just the alarm.

You may find a fire-proof life can be quite enjoyable from thereafter!

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