What Should You Know About ‘Flu?

There has been ‘flu on this planet since time began and we’re still here – in ever-increasing numbers. If you understand what to do when the body is ill, you will see you can control it pretty well.

Solutions to any immune-system threat are the same standard solutions since time immemorial. Do those things that boost your immune system. Don’t compromise it even more with unproven, ineffective solutions that only enrich those who have no conscience.

Eat well (plenty of fresh salads, not overcooked vegetables and good protein – not junk foods or MacDonalds!), get enough sleep, have fun and get some sun (vitamin D) – don’t “block” it out. Increase your intake of vitamin A.

Here’s my remedy for sick people. Ensure they’re hydrated with enough water and minerals, especially calcium, magnesium, potassium, salt and a full array of trace minerals (the little homeopathic combination cell salts work well). Even if someone is just “a bit off color”, this is my standard solution. Your body can manufacture most of the vitamins it needs if it gets enough minerals. Dehydration is the biggest danger as it affects your immune system. Take vitamins A, D and C with extra zinc and you should be see a big difference.

Don’t force food on a sick person. Encourage them to sip a smoothie consisting of a little fruit, coconut milk (not soy as it inhibits mineral absorption), a raw egg or two (yellow parts) as food can be the last thing they want. Ensure there is always silence around anyone who is sick and whatever you do, don’t voice any sympathy! You can show it but don’t voice it.

A fever means that bacteria or viruses are being killed off (this is good) and is only dangerous if it goes too high. If this happens, place a large plastic bag on the bed with a towel on it and let the person lie on it with a cool wet towel on top of them. Keep wetting the towel till the fever breaks. A lukewarm to cold bath will work too but they could protest, so do it on a gradient – encourage, don’t force.

Don’t get into a panic about “symptoms” of the so-called swine ‘flu. They’re the same as common ‘flu. Reports are very generalized and embellished. Even if it is the swine ‘flu, these handlings are still what I would do. Handle as above and remain calm.

Don’t give in to it. Use judgment. Scare tactics have been promoted in all major media. Just top up everyone’s immune system with good food, sufficient sleep, do the things you enjoy – have fun, vitamins and minerals. Get your family onto Instant CalMag-C today! Calcium and magnesium are vitally important for building a strong immune system.

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor so check in with your own practitioner if you have any doubts or questions.

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