What Pain and Stress Relief Secrets Are Athletes Keeping to Themselves?

If you only knew their best-kept secret, you could be practically pain/stress-free. But the secret is finally out!

Athletic fitness, performance and physical balance only for the pro-sports elite?

A stress-free, no-pain existence for only a fortunate few?

Luck of the draw, the “draft” or the hand you were dealt?

Not anymore!

Their secret is out. And it’s juicier than mere gossip or rumor.

This is actually BIG NEWS!

Athletes, especially professional ones, know how to perform at their optimum by keeping themselves in top physical shape.

What does this have to do with pain, stress and tension?


As it turns out, athletes have the remedy for these discomforts of life, and they don’t even realize it.

It isn’t, however, that they have been deliberately keeping it secret. It’s that they didn’t even know what it was. To them, it is just second nature, a first rule of thumb, a nuance of playing the game.

Fortunately for us, not only is the secret out, we don’t need to be professional athletes to use it to our advantage and “up our game” against the environmental stress we wear, carry and hold physically.

We yet have a fighting chance at a big win in the game of life against our most unworthy opponent: stress!

What do athletes know that you don’t that puts them at an advantage?

In a word? Balance

Athletes know balance in a way that we tend to overlook. No, it’s not a strict and relentless fitness regimen only achievable by an athletic few. And it’s not so esoteric it can’t be learned.

The secret to what athletes (and especially their trainers) know is that there is a basic balance of three factors working in unison to drive optimum body function. This is true function in it’s purest, everyday anatomical sense.

Focusing on and enhancing these factors alone add up to top performance, not just on the field of play, but in the arena of day-to-day existence.

Understanding these 3 factors comprising balance, you can begin to understand “imbalance” and the real reason this is a best-kept secret. For, pain and stress derive from imbalance alone.

Incorrectly-focused on imbalance (pain, stress, tension, etc.) we have been looking for the wrong secret. The real one starts with function, balance and their component parts!

What are they?

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What are the 3 components of body function you need to keep in-balance to stay painlessly stress-free?

Again, without consciously realizing it, athletes “know” that they must keep their body performing at its best.

Little do they know that is the secret to keeping stress and pain at bay. For supporting these functions keeps the body doing what Nature’s blueprint and centuries of evolution have prepared it to do: face a stressful environment without internalizing it!

This dynamic trio starts with the most basic system: the support structure.

Your skeleton is assembled quite deliberately to handle what nature can dish out.

It is balanced and symmetrical in design. It provides for a vertical support “column” (the spine) as well as level “floors” (head, shoulders and hips) to make the ultimate structure. Much like a well-built skyscraper, level and strong, the elements are no match for it.

Next are the muscles. As concrete columns and floors in a tall building provide support, they are wrapped in a protective “shell” of sorts. This comprises the brick walls which hold it intact.

Your muscular system is analogous to the walls of the building which give it additional strength and protection from the elements.

And, what would a building be without it’s internal workings? Among the basics are electricity which powers the elevators, the lights and the communication systems of the building. Without electricity the building would provide shelter but would be of no use for any activity.

The third element is the nervous system. Generally tantamount to the electricity in a building, its significance runs a bit deeper when it comes to the body. The nerves power communication to every organ and body system. But, in its most basic array, it powers the function of the muscles which are vital to every motion of life, athletic or otherwise.

What does it mean when these go off-balance?

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What makes ‘imbalance’ the main difference between you and top athletes?

Believe it or not, there are very few, if any, degrees of separation between your basic body function and those of the top pros in major league sports. There are more similarities, overall, than differences.

Skillset and sports knowledge aside, the fundamentals are the same no matter what.

Think about it. If you work in construction, drive a truck, mop floors, wait on customers or even sit at a desk all day, the basics of those motions and the anatomical functions to support them are no different than a professional athlete.

The basic structure must be true and able to support the muscles. The muscles must contract and relax in precision motion to execute the most basic of moves. The nerves must be able to aptly command those muscles to execute their contractions and relaxations throughout your day.

Basics are basics.

So, just as an athlete who is not in top shape can get hurt on the field, so can you in your everyday life.

In the presence of imbalances (weaknesses of structure and function) one becomes prone to injury. Stepping off a curb or sitting in a chair for a little too long can therefore hurt you in the same way a routine football tackle can hurt a player.

One may seem way less glamorous, but either can sideline you with the greatest of ease. No one is exempt.

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How to get back in your game without stress or pain…

Honestly, you don’t have to be a champion athlete to keep pain, tension and stress at bay.

No intense training required!

All you need is support of the three basics: bones (basic structure), muscles (outer shell) and nerves (function)!

Physically, there are a myriad of things you can do to support each.

With your basic structure, accounting for posture through various exercises, stretches and postural correction therapies, you can keep everything level and balanced.

Muscles can be stretched and worked out to keep them performing well.

Nerves can be kept free from irritation through Chiropractic and practicing good posture.

Perhaps the best start to all of it is nutrition.

There are many things you can do. One of them is to support all 3 functions with calcium and magnesium, the most basic components of their optimum performance. Again, this is on or off the field.

Calcium and magnesium work in tandem. Together, they power hundreds of everyday body functions. In fact, nerves, muscles and bones are nothing in their absence. The moving of electricity along nerve channels, the flexing and relaxation of muscles and the density and strength of bones are dependent on these minerals.

In their absence there is imbalance, malfunction and a host of other issues. Prone to the effects of environmental stresses, the “imbalanced” person yet suffers external stress internally. This means YOU!

Instant CalMag-C is formulated to combine these two minerals instantly to be absorbed and utilized immediately by the body. Using them to restore an imbalance created by not enough of them in the basic diet can be an absolute game-changer!

So, whether you play on the field or in your office, you can be sure you will be up for the task.

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