What might you be missing with those Cold and Flu Symptoms?

Where do colds and flu-like symptoms come from?

They obviously come from somewhere.

But, asking this question is somewhat on the order of posing the question, “how many different combinations of atomic elements can there be in the universe?”

In other words, there are many different reasons the body will manifest the symptoms that it does, rather than one condition per symptom.

And, while Influenza is quite real and does occur, the symptoms that accompany it are very similar to those manifested by the body from many other conditions.

When you consider it, many conditions such as allergies, common colds and even dehydration can result in such symptoms, manifestations caused by different body malfunctions, disorders and conditions altogether.

And this is the point: Understanding the symptoms, while utterly important, is not nearly as significant as knowing what they mean in the body’s “language” or system of signifying actual, non-optimum conditions.

Only by translating these do we understand true cause and actual conditions, cold-type and flu-like symptoms notwithstanding, as such symptoms can be a sign of many things, especially a deficiency of one kind or another.

Discovering this information gives us our shot at understanding, controlling and preventing such while ultimately creating and maintaining wellness. A deeper look is warranted.

If the body is trying to ‘say’ something with flu-like symptoms, it must be pretty angry!

While you may be a little “put out” with these symptoms (to put it mildly), they are not an expression of anger but, rather, alarm. And they are not out of the ordinary.

Sure, the condition they signify may be foreign, but the process of manifesting these in alert to the situation is quite a normal body process. It is a sign, not only of illness, but that the body is operating properly!

Even a fever, often “treated” itself as a condition, is a sign the body is doing its job, raising body temperature in attempt to combat some invader, making it uncomfortable enough to vacate or outright annihilating it.

Logically speaking, reducing a fever, while necessary in many medical circumstances, actually contradicts and defies the body’s natural reaction to such foreign invaders.

Meanwhile, why do we say “flu-like” symptoms? It’s because, though these symptoms manifest when the Influenza virus is present, they are not exclusive property of it. These show themselves when many other conditions exist.

What are they and how numerous? That answer may take a while, but there is one key one that connects everything and may just be the solution to a myriad of conditions…

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What is one of the most common causes of cold-type and flu-like symptoms? The answer opens the door to their resolution!

Among the near-infinite combinations of conditions which could occur, there is one significant thread that runs throughout, one which is all-embracive of hundreds of combinations of breakdown.

To say “deficiency” would sound like an oversimplification. It has become so common to speak of deficiencies in the diet and even in the foods we eat considering all of the depletion of nutritions from food sources.

But there are key deficiencies which can mimic these cold and flu symptoms and bring them on, even when the flu virus is not present.

Sometimes labelled as allergies or the common cold, the deficiency tells the entire story.

The most popular deficiency? As you may have guessed, calcium and magnesium rank among the top ones. In conjunction with about four other electrolyte minerals, deficiency of these can cause way more than flu-like symptoms.

Their absence can wreak havoc!

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Why calcium and magnesium deficiency can cause disastrous effects in the body including even bringing on the flu itself!

While it is well-known that calcium and magnesium are paramount in importance to body function, it is lesser-known that such are part and parcel to, literally, hundreds of body processes.

Including such things as fluid levels, blood pressure, blood sugar regulation, nerve energy conduction, muscle contraction and relaxation and numerous others, it is clear that their absence can have dire effects on the body, giving you quite a hard time of things.

As regards flu-like symptoms, or even the flu itself, calcium and magnesium have both been shown to relate to proper immune system function. Without them you can imagine how the immune system alone would respond, not just because of the minerals themselves, but what their absence means to other related body systems on which it depends.

A system of harmony itself, the body goes “out of tune” in the most unpleasant cacophony!

Often, unexplained allergies can occur because of such a condition.

Further, comprising one third of the electrolyte mineral family, calcium and magnesium deficiency can lead to dehydration as well, a condition which also manifests these very symptoms.

Such facts taken alone do not necessarily resolve the problem, but they sure do point us in the right direction to investigate, trace back and remedy.

In this way, solutions not only become possible, achievement of adequate prevention becomes increasingly likely.

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When solving a problem, always check the obvious first! How to investigate cold- and flu-like symptoms…

There is an old proverbial saying that goes “always check the obvious” when it comes to situations like checking to make sure there is gas in a car that won’t run before lifting the hood. Here is something so obvious but more often overlooked, too much so to be ignored.

Wellness is no different!

Now, when it comes to the flu, it is always advised to diagnose when any viral infection is present. This is not a manifesto against proper and needed medical care.

But as for prevention and investigation when symptoms begin arising, the obvious factors should be paid adequate attention. Calcium and magnesium levels are a great place to start.

These two minerals work in tandem and precise, specific combination to fuel more than three hundred body functions. They are key to keeping the body running and are often responsible when it isn’t. The manifestations of their undersupply should not be underestimated.

Instant CalMag-C is a supplement formulated on the very principles the body uses to absorb and utilize these two life-fueling minerals, in the exact chemical composition required by the body for immediate absorption and instant use.

Drinking this supplement puts these minerals to work fulfilling the needs for it wherever they may be, quickly and instantly, which can be the boost needed when deficient.

The result? Imagine replacing the minerals found to be causing the problem in the first place and all that can mean in terms of benefits. Too numerous to count, they are many.

So keep the flu-like and cold-like symptoms at bay and help supply calcium and magnesium when they are lacking and causing such conditions.

Perhaps feeling better is a supplement away. Try it today!

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