What Have Hormones, Stress, Sleep and Weight Got To Do With Each Other?



As you know, the glands of your body produce hormones. In fact, they produce more than 600 different hormones. Hormones are the chemical messengers that your glands send out to give instructions to your cells – like produce energy, go to sleep, time to wake up, digest this food, produce milk to feed the baby etc.

If there’s a breakdown in this communication system, the messages either can’t get through or they’re too weak or too strong and so get scrambled (wires get crossed), so your body starts to malfunction.


These glands are situated in various parts of your body and they include the adrenals (the little triangular glands above the kidneys – “ad” means above and “renal” means kidney) .

Your adrenals have a responsible job and perform many functions. One of these functions is to release a hormone called cortisol when you have any inflammation. Cortisol is your body’s own anti-inflammatory. That’s right. Your adrenals run a little factory that produces cortisol. So, when you’re under stress, those adrenals are pumping out the cortisol. Sounds good.


Stress can be defined as any mental or physical condition that causes the destruction of a few or many cells. Even something as basic as missing a meal or having an upset with someone puts stress on your body and your adrenal glands are the ones that respond to the stress.

Those tiny little glands excrete cortisol to deal with the stress. If you have any stress, they will just pump out the cortisol to deal with it.


Now, let’s say you have inflammation in your body and your adrenals start pumping out the cortisol to deal with it, that’s fine.

But, how about when there’s constantly some kind of inflammation caused by undetected viruses, parasites, candida, bacteria, allergies to things in the environment, food sensitivities chemical pollutants, vitamins etc, etc?

Did you know that they cause inflammation in your body? They do. Even vitamins can do this. If you’re doing a hit or miss thing with the vitamins in an attempt to resolve symptoms and you’re using the wrong ones or excessive doses, they add more strain to your adrenals as they have to deal with them too. Strange but true.

Well, your adrenals just keep pumping out that cortisol. So far so good. They’re doing their job.

Here’s where the problem comes in. If you put your foot on the gas pedal of your car and just kept it there revving away – day in and day out – and never lifted your foot off that pedal, what do you think would happen to engine of your car?

That’s right. It would burn out. And so do your adrenal glands.


Your cortisol production is supposed to slow down towards the end of the day and other hormones produced by your adrenals are supposed to “kick in” such as serotonin and melatonin which help your body switch off so you can sleep and get rest. That is when your body is supposed to repair itself. If this doesn’t happen, it doesn’t get repaired and the damage builds up more and more till you’re diagnosed with some or other “disease”.

By the way, “dis-ease” means lack of ease so disease starts the minute your body is not doing what it’s supposed to do. Even a slight pain could be defined as disease – lack of ease. That slight pain will prompt your adrenals to pump out cortisol.

Hormonal Imbalances

If your adrenals are pumping out cortisol constantly and erratically, it creates hormonal imbalances, which leads to all kinds of problems: inability to sleep or rest properly, lack of energy, lowered sex drive, irritability, inability to concentrate, brain fog, and the list just goes on and on.

Guess what? Your adrenals are also responsible for the contraction and relaxation of your heart. They do this by balancing fluid and salt levels and controlling minerals (such as potassium, calcium and magnesium) as they are responsible for the efficient contraction and relaxation of the blood vessels to your heart and all the muscles in your body.

Are you getting the picture of where this is going?

Menopause, Hot Flashes, Mood Swings

Did you know that when your ovaries stop producing hormones that they actually turn 70% of their job over to your adrenals?

Here’s the problem. If your adrenals are already taking strain and they then inherit the ovaries’ job too, the ovaries  being less important to the adrenals, just won’t get attention and that’s how come you have hot flashes, mood swings and all the other unpleasant symptoms, including weight gain.


An excess of cortisol makes your body store fat around the mid section of your body. It’s your body’s attempt to protect itself and fat is potential energy. If your body thinks it’s in danger, it’s going to store reserves for later and those reserves are fat (potential energy).


When your adrenals pump out excess hormones, high levels of calcium are lost through your urine, which is associated with osteoporosis.

Cataracts, Spurs, Arthritis, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Arteriosclerosis, Tartar

These are essentially all the same condition. The only difference is where they appear in your body.

The cause of these problems is the loss of calcium or your body’s inability to utilize calcium because of imbalances with magnesium and potassium so, instead of being absorbed by your body, it deposits in the various parts of the body. In the case of cataracts (arthritis of the eyes?), it stores in your eyes. In the case of arteriosclerosis, it stores in your arteries, etc. The problem is not too much calcium but an imbalance with the other minerals. Your body then becomes calcium-deficient.

Other Symptoms

Pain in joints, back or neck

Brain fog

Need coffee to wake up


Breathless while climbing

Low sex drive

Moodiness and irritability


Ringing in ears

High blood pressure

Can’t stay awake mid-afternoon

Excessive worry and anxiety

Ankles swell at night

Cravings for salt or cheese at night

Cravings for sweet things or chocolate

Buffalo hump (fat pad) at the upper back, lower neck area

Thinner legs and arms

Lethargy Weakness

Facial hair

Dark circles around eyes

And the list of symptoms goes on ……..


Drugs do not solve your body’s problems. There are times when they’re necessary but all they will do is add extra stress onto your adrenals. If you’re experiencing any of these problems and they’re not resolving, it is important to find out what is actually CAUSING the problem. To keep treating the symptoms, that’s all you’ll ever end up doing and never resolve them because, unless the underlying source of the problem is corrected, they will keep returning.

If your car engine is making a noise, putting ear muffs on will not fix the car engine. They merely “hide” the noise while the engine keeps worsening.

The same goes for your body.

The time has come to get to the source of the problem and correct that.

What does Instant CalMag-C have to do with this? Well, calcium and magnesium are real basic in terms of what your body needs and stress is for sure chewing them up. If you start off with deficiencies and the stress burns up what little you do have, guess what? The stress will worsen and your adrenals will take a bigger beating. Your adrenals are responsible for balancing up the calcium and magnesium – as well as the other minerals.

Something CAN be done about it. 

If you’re experiencing any of these issues and would like to take effective steps to deal with it, write to me as I can help you: info@calmag-c.com.

It isn’t necessary to suffer, suppress the problem or pretend it’s not there. We have lives to lead – and enjoy, loved ones to take care of and we can’t be effective if these things are getting in the way. It’s the foundation of what we need to operate in life.

It isn’t hopeless. Those tiny little adrenals have a very important function and they deserve some help. You’d feel so much better too.

With kind acknowledgement to Dr Eric Berg and Dr Rob Debease

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