What Causes Tension?

Are you, like millions of others, chronically tense or anxious? Suffering from a dry mouth or feel like you’re suffocating? Is your stomach constantly in a knot or having spasms? Or, do you get chronic muscle cramps?

Here is data you may not know.

Your nervous system consists of the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous systems. Your parasympathetic nervous system keeps you calm and helps slow your mind and body down, whereas your sympathetic nervous system keeps you going, going, going.

This is important because, when you’re supposed to be on the go – working, exercising, in action – you need your sympathetic nervous system to be firing away and providing you with energy but, when you’re supposed to relax, unwind, eat calmly, sleep peacefully, your parasympathetic nervous system needs to take over.

In other words, a balanced nervous system will allow you to have plenty of energy when you’re supposed to but also allow you to be calm and peaceful when you’re supposed to be relaxed.

To function properly, your parasympathetic nervous system needs the alkaline minerals to create the calmness and peace whilst your sympathetic nervous system requires the acid minerals to give you that energy when you need it for your work or play. The main alkaline minerals include, amongst others, calcium, magnesium and potassium while the predominant acid mineral is phosphorus.

Phosphorus mainly comes from your grains – should be the good quality, pure, whole grains but, unfortunately, most people are getting way too much, specifically refined breads, pastas, crackers, processed foods, pies, cakes, etc while calcium, magnesium and potassium mainly comes from your greens, which most people do not get any or near enough.

If you’re mostly tense and anxious, that is because your nervous system is being deprived of vitally important alkaline minerals. The important thing to know is that you need to eat more green vegetables and fewer grains.

You can reduce the tension and anxiety and have a calm and peaceful night’s sleep by eating more greens and taking a good quality calcium and magnesium supplement like Instant CalMag-C which is formulated in the correct proportions with the correct pH for optimum absorption.

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We wish you a tension- and stress-free day and a good night’s sleep.

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