What Causes Poor Posture and Why Does It Even Matter?

We may think our posture is poor, yet don’t give it another thought… but, should we?

Sit up. Stand up straight. Don’t slouch.

All things we used to hear but didn’t pay much attention. Somehow it seemed to be a chore to do so, and who likes doing chores anyway?

Yet, nowadays, we do tend to think of it however, it’s more of a fleeting thought like, “I have terrible posture” or some idea that it needs to be improved.

And, of late, an overwhelming majority of people seems to be painfully aware of it.

But that is where it seems to end. The consideration that the posture is “off” or poor becomes simply a passing thought or, at best, a mild concern, one which seems not to be of any great importance or consequence.

Posture, however, is very significant and is actually a symptom of a current or imminent physical invasion of stress upon the body, its effects apparently boundless.

It would therefore be beneficial to understand its significance.

In fact, becoming aware of its 2 top causes not only is the answer to “standing up straighter,” but experiencing, carrying or holding significantly less stress in the neck, shoulders, back or wherever else in the body it may manifest itself.

How might Earth be causing your poor posture?

Posture really does seem like a purely cosmetic factor until you consider one of the most overlooked physical influences on the body: gravity.

Before considering the effects of gravity, however, consider for a moment, what exactly is gravity influencing? It is quite a generality to say “the body” when referring to it. Certainly there is more to it than that.

And there is.

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Consider the human frame, the skeletal system, which is something of a miraculous design in and of itself.

Mother Nature’s blueprint for it is absolute perfection, with pure symmetry, head, shoulders and hips parallel to the floor and at right angles to the spine, while the spine is at right angles to the floor.

The ultimate support structure for perhaps the most intricate machine in the universe.

But, look around. Have you ever seen a perfect one? And when we think of our own, it tends to be far from perfect. Here is the entry point to taking up the posture issue.

This blueprint also accounts for the physical environment in which the body survives. The posture of the frame and its basic structure account for the stresses which it will experience.

It is designed to endure a tremendous amount of stress. As a case in point, turn on American football on any given Sunday in the fall and watch what those athletes do to theirs inside of a single 3-hour game.

But when the body goes “off balance” with postural issues, the environment starts to affect it.

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Gravity, especially, will exploit any structural weaknesses and so begins the chain of events that becomes the external stress you begin to carry internally.

What does it do exactly? The answer is astoundingly simple but causes more trouble than you can imagine.

The causes of this are the focus of the solution…

What are the top 2 causes of poor posture and why do they cause so much trouble?

The causes are relatively simple and two of them stand out above all others: strength and structure.

The most basic is the support structure.

To understand why, think of why you need to plan for all floors to be perfectly level when building a skyscraper and consider for a moment what would happen if you didn’t. As you rise, floor by floor, even if you were able to successfully complete it, over time the effects of gravity would take their toll.

Either way, what happens to the building? Collapse is all but imminent.

Gravity is always pulling in the exact same direction on any structure. And, just as having your calculations off by a minor factor will eventually bring down the building, so will your body become the effect of gravitational pull.

And it will go further and further out until, even if years hence, will eventually “collapse” in its own way.

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As for strength, having materials that can stand the pull of gravity in the first place is key. While the human body is not steel or concrete, it is analogous to them. The muscles and bones are tantamount to these construction materials and are effected similarly by external stress.

How to build the ultimate body structure and keep it standing straight, tall and strong!

Once you understand the basics, it no longer takes vast research or specialized knowledge to understand that you need strength and a “level” structure. From here it becomes easy to see what the basics are that the body needs.

As for structure, there are tremendous amounts of exercises and even therapies that can correct posture. Sometimes stretches and exercises are effective independently. Just as a building that has been dilapidated from the effects of gravitational stress over the years needs renovation, however, so do bodies often times need rehab.

Chiropractic along with Physical Therapy can be a tremendous combination of structural and rehabilitational exercise.

In any event, a program can be put together to restore the basic structure and proof it up against future gravitational concourse.

As for strength, it does have lots to do with muscle groups. Core strength and other muscle group attention given can pay dividends in posture perfection. Supporting the muscles, however, is key.

Calcium and magnesium are the two powerful minerals which, in tandem, support the muscles in the exact way they function. “Contract” and “relax” are the two functions and these dynamic minerals support each function in turn.

Most often, deficiency from poor diet, depleted minerals in food and even dehydration all can deplete calcium and magnesium. Getting them in exact form, proper combination and ample supply is key.

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So give your basic structure the support it needs and use Instant CalMag-C to support it. Posture perfection may be possible and stress a thing of the past!

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