Weight Loss Might Cause You Real Pain

Some people say weight loss is a real pain, but is it literally?

There are lots of uncomfortable things about losing weight from tiredness, to irresistible cravings. It can make weight loss a real pain. But, can weight loss cause pain? Many facts show it can and is a barrier to losing those pounds.

Not all weight loss is the same: healthy vs unhealthy

Losing weight is not a singular action. It is a phenomenon that can occur as a result of many things and by definition is really a symptom of something. Weight loss can be a symptom of stress just as likely at it is one of healing within the body. While weight lost due to stress may carry no other symptoms, that which is lost through health restoration may carry with it seemingly unrelated pain which has, in actuality, everything to do with it.

Healthy weight loss carries with it a detox period

“Lost pounds” is not, in itself, a health improvement. It is a measurement of a change in the body which can be positive or negative. When better health is created, inches and pounds can be seen to “melt away”, side effects notwithstanding. Some of the most common side effects of a healthy weight loss program are detoxification symptoms.

Detox is usually accompanied by withdrawal

As in any detox, as poisons are expelled from the body for which it has built a certain “immunity”, withdrawal symptoms can set in. These vary and are numerous but can include shaking, exhaustion or tiredness and, especially, pain. Weight gain from toxic, processed junk foods carries with it withdrawal symptoms when a healthy change is made. This is the literal pain that can be experienced from losing weight. Here is one of the foremost sources of diet failure: simply giving up because it is just too painful!

Solution: Fight pain not weight loss

It is obvious that by detox alone, weight loss can be, quite literally, painful. Therefore, address of pain is paramount. Non-toxic pain solutions exist in abundance including chiropractic care, massage and even acupuncture. Perhaps, a better approach would be to prevent pain from ever occurring at all. Enter calcium and magnesium.

Factually deficiencies in these minerals are responsible for all kinds of symptoms from pain to nervousness, jitteriness and many others. Additionally, the detox process can fast deplete minerals from the body causing symptoms like pain. Having these minerals can make for a more comfortable withdrawal and is an approach used in weight loss programs.

Try Instant CalMag-c in conjunction with a healthy change in eating, getting the minerals you need in proper form, and see what it can do for you. Perhaps it will be the difference between success and failure in losing those pounds!

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