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BUCKINGHAM PA – Dr David D’Angelo and his wife, Dr Renee D’Angelo, are both Chiropractors in Northeastern Pennsylvania, in Bucks County, and have been practicing there for quite some time.

Over the years they have gone from specializing in carpal tunnel issues to more holistic approaches, including weight loss, fat loss, nutrition and lipolaser – to name but a few.

One thing has remained consistent, however, throughout all the treatment plans they prescribe: insistence on supplementation with calcium and magnesium. And for that, Drs D’Angelo have insisted on Instant CalMag-C for many reasons: they have found it helpful for many things, including reduction of pain and inflammation as well as discomfort and symptoms of withdrawal and detox during weight loss.

Weight loss and lipolaser are not painful, but can cause latent discomfort

Besides the stress caused by weight and fat loss to the withdrawal symptoms from the body detox from chemicals, processed foods, caffeine, etc, many uncomfortable symptoms can be associated with this process which make it difficult for people to keep at it. In fact, due to uncomfortable symptoms, many people may give up on losing weight or cutting fat altogether. One of the main reasons is that calcium and magnesium levels deplete during this process.

That’s why Drs David and Renee recommend their patients supplement these depleted minerals with Instant Calmag-C during this process to make it more comfortable, and to account for better sleep.

The foremost deterrents to losing weight are pain and discomfort

Pain itself, whether caused by detox or not, is a stress on the body. As such, the body’s stress glands, the adrenal glands, go into overdrive. One of the hormones these produce is cortisol, whose function is to keep inflammation to a minimum. This is the make-break of pain in the body.

When the adrenals get over-stressed, they can malfunction and inflammation and pain can occur. This is quite in addition to the fact that cortisol is known to produce belly fat as well, making this a vicious cycle.

Calcium being a natural pain-killer and magnesium a natural relaxant, both working in tandem, and in proper ratio and the right form, regulate over 300 body functions. Sustaining proper calcium and magnesium levels is paramount in the reduction of stress. So weight loss, fat loss, pain relief and the like all go hand-in-hand with calcium and magnesium levels.

Are weight loss, lipolaser, chiropractic better with Instant CalMag-C?

According to Dr’s David and Renee D’Angelo, they are. At least with the results they report with patients. Supplementing depleted calcium and magnesium levels, helps reduce stress factors which impede weight loss, pain relief and fat reduction efforts.

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