Weight Loss and Calcium

I would be the last person to claim that calcium helps with weight loss but I recently came across an article that says it does. The body needs all the nutrients to function properly. This is so fundamental to proper body function that I don’t even feel I should have to state it but, in view of the enormous number of people experiencing weight – and other – issues, I guess it means I have to say it.


In addition to this, when people lose weight they go through detox symptoms and calcium along with its partner, magnesium, helps alleviate those symptoms.


A body needs ALL the nutrients to function properly and that includes weight control.


Minerals are the key to proper body function. If you have them all, your body functions correctly,

which includes weight control. Minerals are like the spark plugs in your car. They “spark” the chemical reactions in the body to perform properly and calcium, being the most abundant mineral, is obviously very important. If you’re deficient, function will be poor or non-existent.


How It Melts Fat: Calcium is a mineral that works in tandem with D to help you shed fat. Calcium is stored in fat cells, and researchers think that the more calcium a fat cell has, the more fat that cell will release to be burned. Calcium also promotes weight loss by binding to fat in your GI tract, preventing some of it from getting absorbed into your bloodstream.




“Boosting  calcium consumption spurs weight loss, according to a study published in the most recent issue of the British Journal of Nutrition, but only in people whose diets are calcium deficient.

“Angelo Tremblay and his team at Université Laval’s Faculty of Medicine made the discovery in a 15-week weight loss program they conducted on obese women. The participants consumed on average less than 600 mg of calcium per day, whereas recommended daily intake is 1000 mg. In addition to following a low calorie diet, the women were instructed to take two tablets a day containing either a total of 1200 mg of calcium or a placebo. Those who took the calcium tablets lost nearly 6 kg over the course of the program, the researchers found, compared to 1 kg for women in the control group.


“Our hypothesis is that the brain can detect the lack of calcium and seeks to compensate by spurring food intake, which obviously works against the goals of any weight loss program,” said Angelo Tremblay, holder of the Canada Research Chair in Environment and Energy Balance. “Sufficient calcium intake seems to stifle the desire to eat more,” he added.


“Consuming sufficient calcium is therefore important to ensuring the success of any weight loss program. According to the researcher, over 50% of obese women who come to the clinic run by his research team do not consume the recommended daily intake.


“Professor Tremblay and his team have studied the link between calcium and obesity for several years. Their first findings, published in 2003, revealed that women who consumed diets poor in calcium had more body fat, bigger waistlines, and higher bad cholesterol levels than those who consumed moderate or large amounts of calcium. A second study showed that the more people reduced their consumption of dairy products over the six-year period examined, the more weight and body fat they gained and the bigger their waistlines grew. In 2007, Angelo Tremblay and his team established a direct link between calcium and a lower cardiovascular risk profile among dieters.”


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