To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate, That Is The Question

This is a topic of immense controversy and I would like to offer my view on it. While many feel that vaccines were the be all and end all to disease or scary debilitating conditions, the use of them has gone completely out of control to the point where manufacturers are creating poisonous, untested concoctions to inject into our tiny babies and compromised elderly.

This is nuts! Especially when they have not been tested and some of them are tainted with viruses.

Besides this problem they use a mercury derivative, thimerosal, to preserve them. Everyone knows how toxic mercury is, but they are willing to inject them into newborn babies and create a whole new pandemic of autism. How irresponsible and uncaring can they get?

Then the merchants of chaos (some government officials, media and big Pharma and all their cronies) scare the heck out of people by telling them they’re going to die from the imminent swine ‘flu or whatever scare they can muster up to frighten populations across the world. You have to start wondering who benefits. It definitely isn’t you or your loved one.

I grew up in Africa and raised my children there. They ran around in the dirt, ate it, jumped into the pool when it was freezing, were exposed to all kinds of conditions and diseases and they survived. They never got ill and if there was any sign of something going on with them I’d make sure they were hydrated, had nourishing food, calcium and magnesium, minerals, vitamins, rest and – most importantly – any suppression or upsets in their lives got handled.

They’re all adults now and did not fall prey to any of the disease they were exposed to, despite growing up in Africa. That’s actually part of the benefit. They got exposed to germs and bacteria and were able to build their immune systems. An immune system is strengthened by being exposed to germs and building an immunity against them and the very disease that people fear.

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Please note: we are not doctors. If you or a loved one is suffering from a health condition, please consult your medical doctor for advice. We do, however, urge you to see a doctor who understands nutrition’s role in resolving any health problems you have. Regarding vaccinations, this is a personal choice and you should consult your doctor.

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