Tips for Handling Stress

But, There are Things You Can Do to Handle It….

Number 1: Make sure you’re well fed. By this I mean eaten some good basic food as close to basic as possible: decent protein, veggies or salad. Avoid refined foods. The reason for this one is that your blood sugar levels go up and down based on nourishment. If it’s spiking you’re not going to feel good and every issue you’re trying to deal with will be bigger than it really is so, first thing, make sure you’re well fed.

Number 2: Make sure you’re well hydrated – with good quality decent water. Try and keep your coffee and carbonated drinks (like coca-cola, pepsi, etc) to a minimum. They cause more dehydration. If you’re dehydrated, you’re not going to feel good. In fact you could feel really bad and wiped out. That will just increase your stress levels.

Number 3: Take a good quality B-vitamin supplement. The one I use personally is non-GMO Brewer’s Yeast (it’s a food source so all the vitamins are balanced). However, not everyone likes it, but make sure you get a good quality one. It will help stabilize you and gets depleted when consuming sugars, refined carbohydrates, coffee, etc. If you’re low on B-vitamins, you’re not  going to feel too good. In fact, when you’re low, you’ll crave sugars etc. It’s the first sign that you’re deficient in them.

Number 4: Stress alleviation depends a lot on minerals. In fact, without them you are really putting a lot of strain on yourself.

a) These minerals include Instant CalMag-C, which has the right form of calcium (gluconate) with magnesium carbonate to balance things along with vitamin C to adjust the pH to the correct range so your body can actually absorb and use the calcium and magnesium. Sugar and refined carbohydrates create deficiencies of them too. Many people report that it calms them down and they feel less stressed.

b) All the other dozens of minerals. The best way to ensure you’re getting the right minerals is to get some unrefined sea salt, like Celtic or Himalayan, and add it to your drinking water or take a pinch straight. (Not many people know this but the word salt comes the word “salary” because back in the sailing ship days, many traders and armies paid their workers and sailors with salt. It’s a life-saver. It contains more than 80 essential minerals. Another option is Trace Mineral Research’s mineral mix.

If you’re low on minerals it can affect your hormones, your moods, your energy – and so many other things.

Number 5: An important part of de-stressing is to do something where you can get some space, like taking a walk and looking at things in your environment (DON’T think – LOOK!!) Thinking just makes things worse. It keeps you stuck in the problem and actually gives it more power.

Exercising, walking the dog, doing yoga, visiting your neighbors, swimming, looking at the creatures running around like lizards, squirrels, birds will take your attention off whatever is causing the stress.

If you find yourself thinking, make yourself STOP and LOOK outwards at the physical world.

In conclusion: I have helped many people overcome stressful situations and the above tips are the main things I use.

We wish you a calm, happy, stress-free week!! 

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