The Stress You Carry In Your Shoulders

You know you carry stress in your shoulders, but why does it accumulate there?

We all tend to “carry” our stress in our shoulders or other areas of the body. But, how is it possible that it could accumulate there in the first place?

Further, why does it seem so impossible handle? Must we simply live with it?

While it seems that finding ways to “deal with it” in absence of a solution keeps it temporarily at bay, not knowing its cause can cause further problems.

Understanding how stress affects the body is, therefore, the answer to preventing its worsening while maybe even ridding yourself of it for good!

Why stress leaves a lasting, physical impression

It seems a bit odd that stress would be able to manifest itself physically in the body. Carrying your work stress in your shoulders, for instance, almost seems impossible. Yet there it is.

Why, then, when you reduce your stress do pain and tension yet commonly remain? If stress was causing the problem, then shouldn’t its reduction eliminate it?

Stress you wear is due to wear and tear…

Your body is in continual use, from the moment you are born on through the years. Many physical stresses are placed upon the body, some which can be handled with ease, others more injurious.

Whether you play extreme sports or have had accidents, do repetitive motions or sit still for long hours, there are physical effects of these activities. Even being born is a stress on the basic structure of the body. Such stress tends to throw the basic structure off its natural balance.

Imbalances are where the trouble starts.

Physical imbalances leave you open to take on stress physically!

You may not have realized it but, if your basic structure is not true to form, if it is weak or unstable, so will be your ability to cope with stress in the environment.

Consequently, this stress will aggravate the imbalances that already exist, leaving you wide open to its physical effects. The result is that you begin to “wear” your stress instead of ward it off.

The weakened form sacrifices proper function. And you are left with the aftermath!

Lighten the load. How to drop the stress you carry!

Though reducing stress is beneficial, when imbalances exist, they still tend to accumulate physically.

Handling imbalance of structure is key.

While there are many ways to balance the physical structure, you should be supporting it with proper mineral balance, making sure all essential building blocks are present.

The paramount mineral necessities? You guessed it… CALCIUM AND MAGNESIUM!

In-balance and precise, these two minerals, in tandem, are responsible for more than 300 body processes and are two major defenses against stress. Instant CalMag-C combines them in a very precise way so as to absorb and use them in the way the body intends, getting them put to proper and effective use.

Balance is necessary to keep from carrying stress. Try Instant CalMag-C and see the difference in where you carry your stress, and maybe even drop it in the process!

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