The Spark Plugs of Your Body

Minerals are necessary before any of your body’s chemical actions can occur!

Most people are mineral-deficient and becoming more so. The main reason is that our soils are getting more and more depleted due to the pesticide and herbicide invasion from the chemical industry. No longer do farming methods include using compost and natural means of building our soils or rotating crops.

To add insult to injury, our foods are then milled, processed, irradiated, transported and stored on supermarket shelves indefinitely. Dead food.

I am always happy to see weavils in my food – not because I like them or want to share my food with them, but at least I know there is still enough life in it that they want to eat it.

Not only is our food dead but our water too. Water was a good source of minerals in the past but nowadays that too is dead. Recycled, reclaimed, filled with pesticides, herbicides, drug and chemical-filled from the waste products and then with more chemicals added.

If you’re not eating organic raw vegetables or not-overcooked vegetables, you will certainly be low on minerals. There’s no question about that.

Minerals are the spark plugs of your body. Just like your motor car’s engine can’t turn over and fire up without spark plugs, so your body can’t create the chemical reactions needed to fire up the enzymes to convert food to energy.

Deficiencies of minerals lead to almost every disease you can imagine and almost every ache and pain you feel. Insufficient alkaline minerals (too much acid in your body) leads to cancer and other debilitating and life-threatening diseases too.

Here’s what Linus Pauling, famous scientist and winner of two Nobel prizes, has to say, "You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment, to a mineral deficiency."

When my children were babies and cried a lot or had sweat on their heads or faces or were just listless and ornery, my solution was minerals. They always worked and they would calm down and become peaceful again.

I can’t emphasise enough how important they are to the human body – all ages and sizes.

Even things like ‘flu can be brought on by insufficient minerals in your body. Every disease, sickness and ailment can be traced back to a mineral deficiency.

Your body needs dozens of minerals to function. You can study an element table in the dictionary and see exactly which minerals the earth is made up of. Your body needs them too. Here are a few of them and how they help your body:

Potassium Functions: regulation of internal cell pressure, activation of enzymes, allows muscle contraction and regulates the balance of fluids and electrolytes. Symptoms of potassium deficiency: tiredness, nervousness, irregular heart rhythm, skin problems, headaches

Iron Functions: Necessary for production of red blood cells, transportation of oxygen, enzyme production. Symptoms of iron deficiency: tiredness, lack of energy, lack of appetite, anemia, hair- and skin problems, lack of concentration.

Magnesium Functions: bone formation, activation of over 300 enzymes, energy metabolism, transmission of communication through the nervous system, hormone production, muscular function, heart. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency: muscle weakness, heart trouble, bone trouble, nervousness, anxiety, depression.

Calcium Functions: bone and tooth formation, nerve activation, blood coagulation. Symptoms of calcium deficiency: muscular cramps, jimjams, deafness, insomnia, tooth decay, hemorrhage.

Silicon Functions: necessary for connective tissue, cartilage, bones, teeth, blood cells, hair, skin. Symptoms of silicon deficiency: skin problems, rapid decline of arteries, hair loss, brittle nails.

Zinc Functions: activates a multitude of enzymes; is a component part of insulin; necessary for protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism; immune system, growth, detoxification. Symptoms of zinc deficiency: lack of growth, proneness to infection, tiredness, wounds won’t heal properly, virility problems, menstrual problems, lack of energy, skin cracks around mouth, depression.

Chromium Functions: regulates blood sugar. Symptoms of chromium deficiency: tiredness, testiness, insomnia, feeling dizzy, headaches, craving sweets and alcohol.

Iodine Functions: assists the production of thyroid hormones, energy production, stress management, growth. Symptoms of Iodine deficiency: tiredness, obesity, increased heartbeat, nervousness.

Selenium Functions: needed for enzyme production, protection from free radicals, cell respiration. Symptoms of selenium deficiency: proneness to infection, premature aging, heart disease.

Sulfur Functions: activation of energy production, building of bone structure, building of cartilage, building of cellular connective tissue. Symptoms of sulfur deficiency: wan skin, lackluster hair, flabby tissues, joint problems, fears.

Manganese Functions: necessary for blood coagulation, central nervous system, insulin production, thyroid function. Symptoms of manganese deficiency: ears ringing, hearing problems, tiredness, lack of muscle coordination, joint pains, restlessness, pessimism, lack of libido.

Copper Functions: necessary for: hemoglobin synthesis, immune system, bone structure, skin and hair pigmentation. Symptoms for copper deficiency: weakness, lack of strength, discoloration of skin and hair, dermatitis, anemia.

Cobalt Functions: building block for vitamin B12, hemoglobin, protein. Symptoms of cobalt deficiency: anemia and after-effects.

Well, not only a mineral deficiency, there’s an even more fundamental source of ill health but more about that next week.

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