The Secret About Core Strength No One Is Talking About

Core strength is vital, but for way more important reasons than you’ve been told

Core strength has been the buzz around fitness circles for decades. We know it instinctively now as the thing we need to achieve, for why we ask not. We just know we should achieve it.

We’ve heard that it supports posture, though we think posture is simply how we sit and an aesthetic feature of our existence. But postural excellence goes beyond looks and is a structural necessity requiring support.

Given the importance of posture, a strong core is of far greater significance than a six-pack you get to show off on Instagram, or a mere support structure for your back and is seldom achieved by exercise alone or endless sets of sit-ups.

Understanding the factors that underlie true core strength, we have a shot at achieving it and a fit, low-stress and pain-free existence to boot!

The most sinister block to core strength

Pain. Pure and simple, pain is far more than an annoyance, an inconvenience or a thorn in our side. Pain is an indicator that something is awry structurally.

Beyond its significance as a signal to deeper issues, it is also an indicator of blocks to true fitness and, thereby, poor core strength. This is why we can often work out with the strictest of discipline yet see limited results.

Pain is a signal that there are structural imbalances, ones which can hinder functionality, building muscle no exception.

What’s so poor about poor posture?

Just as we have come to believe that pain is an annoyance or a condition in itself, so have we assumed that posture is an aesthetic feature of our existence. Yet we somehow know there is more to it.

And, there is.

Posture is an indicator of imbalance. Structural imperfections show up as posture issues and indicate the basic frame is lacking. This can start a chain reaction of issues which block core strength potential.

How does posture indicate core strength potential?

The basic form of the body, structurally, is maintained by a cooperative between muscles and bones. The bones establish structure while muscles provide support and make motion possible.

These work in tandem at the command of the nervous system, a third and most important component.

Posture itself starts with the spine (bones and joints) and is supported by muscle groups to the front and back of the body. Again, nerves supply the energy and communication for both to function.

A strong core is therefore essential (front) to promote a strong postural stance (back) and so we have ideal function.

Is pain or tension connected to a strong core?

Stress and pain are not so mysterious when you experience them even semi-frequently, but may seem a rather permanent fact of life.

Understanding the basic components and functions of the body, it is easy to see how abnormal pain and stress are, and that they are far from permanent in nature.

Poor posture caused by lack of core strength (among other factors) is an indicator that imbalances exist which are subject to environmental stress and result, ultimately, in pain, tension and all manner of discomfort.

What is true core strength and how do you achieve it?

Posture and a good base frame require good bone health and optimal positioning. Muscles enable position and motion. And nerves supply communication energy for the entire works. It is a symphony of function in very precise balance.

All three components require support. Excellent posture comes from ideal spinal position. It’s adjacent and opposite muscle groups support posture and body motion. And a healthy nervous system keeps ideal function in motion.

Achieving a strong core is obviously key but must be supported by its counterparts of good posture and functioning nerves. So the best core strengthening exercises involve more than sit-ups. It requires support of the muscular counterparts (bones and nerves).

Calcium, in conjunction with its tandem mineral, magnesium, is essential to all three components. It builds and maintains bones, allows muscles to contract and relax properly and literally supplies the energy for nerves to function at all.

Instant CaMag-C is engineered based on this trifecta of function, and is formulated to assimilate into the body in the required form, with a rapidity of absorption. The result is not only the support for posture and a strong core, but at the fastest rate possible.

Up your game to keep stress and pain at bay and your body pain-free and functioning. Add Instant CalMag-C to your regimen and see how quickly you can achieve core strength and what “fit to the core” really means!

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