The Scariest Part of Halloween Is Sugar

Ghosts, ghouls, goblins and horror may abound on Halloween but the real fear should not be of bloodshed, but blood sugar!

This fact may seem blatantly obvious but sugar in Halloween candy can be quite an insidious monster. After all, it’s only for the kids, right? Fact is, most adults engage in eating more of their share of candy. Even if the children have left the nest or outgrown the annual house-to-house candy rampage, with less trick-or-treaters, there is always that bowl of treats leftover.

Perhaps spiked blood sugar is the reason Halloween is associated with horror and fear!

What regulates blood sugar levels?

As far as body processes are concerned, the glands use hormones to stimulate body function. A hormone called “insulin” is related to blood sugar. Blood sugar levels are regulated using this hormone.

Magnesium, however, is a base requirement for this regulation process and its deficiency can have devastating effects, particularly if an over-abundance of sugar is consumed.

If blood sugar regulation requires magnesium, what does IT require?

Calcium. In fact, calcium and magnesium are sort of “partners in crime” when it comes to their function. They not only need each other, but need each other in certain proportion and form. They are quite demanding and refuse to work under any other condition than the precise one.

Calcium and magnesium in correct form and ratio, in an environment which is at a precise level of acidity does the trick. This is when magnesium can do the job of helping regulate blood sugar.

What is the trick to enjoying treats?

Unfortunately the trick is not an “everything in moderation” approach. Sugar is used for energy by the body, yet all sugars are not beneficial – and even when a “good sugar” is ingested, it could end up in surplus and become a trigger of fat production, blood sugar spikes and the like.

According to nutritionist Adele Davis in her book “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit”, for sugar to be used in the first place by the body, there must be a sufficient supply of other elements. These include protein, fat and potassium. Calcium and magnesium would need to be in adequate supply as well.

3 tips for eating Halloween candy:

1. Don’t. 2. #1 being unrealistic, eat a well-balanced diet especially before consuming sweets or treats 3. Abstain or limit sugar intake while getting potassium from veggies, plenty of protein and maintain magnesium levels in proper combination with calcium.


Never fear this Halloween. Instant CalMag-C is here!

Is Instant CalMag-C the magic formula which can allow you to eat unlimited candy this Halloween? Though it would be wonderful, unfortunately, it cannot. There is no magic formula.

It can however keep the body supplied with what it needs to properly function, especially with regard to magnesium’s involvement in the regulation of blood sugar. Its specially-formulated 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium is laboratory-perfected to deliver it exactly how the body requires it.

There is no trick to enjoying treats on Halloween but at least knowing some basic essentials and getting the minerals you need, you don’t have to fear and maybe can get through the night unscathed – and without a candy hangover!

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