The Real Cause of Depression or Anxiety or Any Other “Mental” Problem?

Your Mind and Your Body

Every mental problem can be traced back to a physical cause!

That’s right. Mental problems are always caused by something that happened to your body and the good news is that you can control or rectify them.

Your mind is separate from your body. It contains pictures or ideas.

If the pictures or ideas are negative, you are being affected by a hidden part of your mind, known as the reactive mind. It is hidden from your view but it makes you feel and act in a way that you don’t like and always makes you lose.

Seventy percent of illness is caused by what is known as psychosomatic ills. This means that the source of the illness is caused by something in your reactive mind. (Don’t get confused with the word hypochondriac. This is not hypochondria.) The illness or non-optimum sensations you are feeling are real. You’re feeling them, aren’t you?

The question is, what is causing them?

If the pictures or ideas in your mind are positive and you’re achieving your goals in life, you’re being influenced more by your “thinking” mind, known as your analytical mind.

There is a solution to your physical and mental health problems. Click on this link and watch the videos to get the answers.

I cannot tell you how much having, knowing and using this data has helped me, my family and hundreds of my friends. It also saved my son’s life, literally.

Nutrition’s Role in Your Mental and Physical Health

If your body is deprived of proper nourishment or adequate rest, you can and will have problems mentally and/or physically.

There is no question of that.

What happens is that too little sleep, hunger, low blood sugar, poor dietary habits – too much sugar and refined carbs, not enough raw or undercooked vegetables (organic ones), inadequate protein intake, alcohol, drugs, meds – will cause these hidden sources of anguish in your reactive mind to activate far more readily, get “sucked” in and activated without you realizing what is happening and you can start to feel quite awful.

Conduct your own tests on this.

A simple one is to watch a child consuming sugar and turning into an uncontrollable brat.

Another one is to go without food for a few hours and see how you feel. Do you start feeling anxious, nervous, fearful, worry about things, get agitated or just plain lose it?

Watch a baby who is overdue on his feed. He sure can get angry and then, even if he’s fed, can still be disgruntled and out of sorts because his hidden sources of anguish in his reactive mind have already been activated.

The Solutions and My Recommendations

  1. Eat as much salad, undercooked veggies and protein (organic is best) as possible.

  2. Leave out refined carbohydrates like chips, cakes, pastas, etc.

  3. Keep sugar to a minimum. There is sugar in everything here in the USA. Check the bread some time. Where I come from, we don’t have sugar in our bread and our cakes and cookies are waaayyy less sweet. So, look out for the hidden sources of sugar. Sugar alone can cause untold mental reactions.

  4. Avoid alcohol as much as possible and definitely avoid drugs and compensate for the side effects of your meds with increased nutrition and supplements. (Our bodies are not deficient in drugs or created with excess organs and glands. We have an over-medicated and over-“surgeried” society. The ongoing debates on health care reform is singularly lacking in good common sense nutrition and supplementation.)

  5. Keep caffeine to a minimum. If you can give it up, good. If you can’t, try and reduce your intake.

  6. Drink enough good quality water.

  7. Make sure you supplement your food with the basics: a good multi vitamin and mineral, calmag, additional minerals. (This is a great regimen for boosting your immune system too!)

  8. Watch the video in the link above and see how you can reduce and get rid of the hidden anguish in your life. The procedures are simple to do and can be done by you and a friend or family member. (My youngest daughter was 11 years old when she started doing the procedures on others and spoke on the radio about it. The only prerequisite is understanding and applying the simple techniques correctly.) Everyone has a reactive mind. Get rid of yours and help your friends and family get rid of theirs and watch everyone’s health improve dramatically.


My biggest reward is helping people and knowing that they’re doing better, so please do let me know any positive results you have with any of my suggestions. The reverse is also true. If you have a problem and need help, contact me immediately.

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