The Deficiency That Can Mimic Nearly ANY Illness

This deficiency may fool you, but it’s smokescreen ‘doesn’t hold water’

There is a deficiency so sinister, it can trick you into thinking you have some other mysterious condition! In fact, addressing it as a condition hides the fact that it is actually a COLLECTION of deficiencies, not a condition in itself.

What is this overall “condition” commonly called?

DEHYDRATION. But for most sufferers, lack of water couldn’t be less of a problem. It is a collection of deficiencies which, combined, deprive the body of getting and retaining water.

The facade this “condition” puts on, in the end, just doesn’t hold water, literally. But, it isn’t a lack of water that is the condition. In fact, most sufferers of its symptoms are getting PLENTY, if not MORE THAN ENOUGH or even TOO MUCH water! But there is still a lack.

Anything from cramps to blood pressure problems, blood sugar to nausea and even cold- or flu-like symptoms can result from this set of deficiencies.

You see, it is almost senseless to even use the name because it is a condition which has been grossly misnamed. No condition was ever more ironic. Its symptoms couldn’t seem more unrelated to water.

And it all seems terribly confusing.

But, should you understand a little about how the human body works, you will not play the fool for long. If you understand just what it needs, basically, to function, you can certainly know what it’s missing and recognize symptoms of such deficiencies.

And you won’t need a doctor’s degree to understand it or even help keep it from happening.

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What is missing when hydration ‘won’t take’…

What most people fail to understand, even some researchers and scientists, is that, when you set out to study malfunction, you must first know how it SHOULD function.

This seems overly simplified and the most basic logic. And, it is. But, the necessity to think that health is complicated is what compounds the problem.

So, if we say “deficiency”, we must have some knowledge of what the body requires overall in the first place to function as a whole. If it is deficient in only one mineral, let’s say, that could be valid. But does it end there?

More questions could be posed? What body functions is this mineral responsible for fueling or activating? What related nutrients does it react with? What ratio must it be in relation to others? How does the body prefer to process it. Are there any forms of it that the body requires?

Before you can know what’s missing, you must know what SHOULD BE THERE. And, beyond that, how should it be used?

Minerals are not isolated cases. They work in tandem to fuel hundreds of body processes. Their supply is crucial. Their deficiency can be critical.

So it should come as no surprise that deficiency of at least 6 of the dozens of minerals the body requires can cause the worst of effects. Pain, tension, stress, sleep issues, blood sugar problems, blood pressure, endurance, fatigue, cramps, trigger points, disc issues, cardiac problems, nausea and many more.

The list reads like the list of side effects listed at the end of a pharmaceutical TV commercial.

All this lumped under a hydration disorder they call “Dehydration” as a diagnosis, one that makes you assume you just need to drink more water!

By now it is easy to see what is missing here. Have you figured out the problem yet?

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What can you do to avoid symptoms like those listed here?

The first thing is to have a keen understanding of how the body works and functions. Minerals and vitamins work together, not individually to fuel and instigate various reactions and processes.

Above and beyond, the “hydration” minerals are key. There are about 6 of them. Among them are the obvious ones like sodium and potassium. But these include as well calcium and magnesium, two of the minerals that are, each, responsible for more than 300 processes on an organic and even cellular level. All the basic functions of life depend on all of these.

As you can see, in their absence, lack of water is the least of your worries. And while water supply is critical, you won’t be able to get enough in absence of the minerals.

So a far smarter approach to maintaining wellness and avoiding deficiency would start with the most vital minerals first. If these are responsible for all those functions, it is obvious why the list of symptoms is so long. Suddenly getting cold-like or even PMS-type symptoms in a “dehydration” situation makes sense. Pain, cramping, blood pressure and the lot all seem to add up!

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What can you do?

Stay tuned for more articles on the various things the body needs. Just looking at the basics and a little light research can provide a wealth of information if you go down a list of vitamins and minerals and find out what they are responsible for as well as which foods contain them.

However, it is not always easy to get them, particularly with the processing of some food and even soils being depleted of minerals and plants not containing as high a concentration. Supplementation is often necessary to keep up.

Keeping up on your electrolyte minerals especially will keep your hydration effective and your efforts to drink water all worth it.

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