The Body Made Simple – Part IV

“Like the nutrients, all of these slaves co-operate with each other.


“Although the structure and activity of every cell in the body are similar in that each must have oxygen and food and from each waste must be removed, the cells themselves are differentiated; their hundreds of duties vary endlessly.


“The cells of the muscles are the body’s pulleys; their cytoplasm is so made that it can contract, and by each cell contracting in harmony, muscles are shortened and movement is made possible.

“The cells which make up the bones attract minerals and solidify them to give form to the body.“


The cells of the glands are manufacturers, turning out hormones.


“Thus is the function of groups of billions of cells each differentiated to make up the separate structures of the body.


“Foods can be selected which will supply all the nutrients known to be needed by each cell. If these foods are grown on good soil and eaten in as nearly their natural state as possible, the nutrients still unknown can probably be furnished.


“Digestion and absorption, if faulty, can be improved; the destruction of nutrients in the digestive tract and the blood and losses of those nutrients from the body can be prevented. The well-nourished body can protect itself from bacterial invasion and can detoxify foreign materials which gain access to it.


“My belief, therefore, is that every person, if intelligent enough and financially able to obtain a completely adequate diet, can achieve perfect health provided irreparable harm has not already been done.        


Excerpted from the works of Adelle Davis


Brought to you with the compliments of CalMag-C.


Instant CalMag-C is not some miracle “drug” that you only use to resolve a symptom, even though many think it is because of the results they get. It is not a drug. It has two life-essential minerals, calcium and magnesium.


Calcium and magnesium are two minerals your body needs. Without them, life would seize. They are very important as they are responsible for more than 300 functions in the body, such as digestive, brain function, hormonal functions, relaxation, sleep, prevention of pain, blood pressure, adrenal function, heart function, maintenance of blood sugar, etc, etc.


Calcium Needs Magnesium: In order for the body to absorb calcium, it needs magnesium – and vice versa – in a 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium. The best form of calcium is the gluconate form. (It is also used for severe pain.)


Calcium and Magnesium Need Vitamin C: As both minerals are alkaline, they can’t be absorbed by the body unless they have some kind of acid such as vitamin C (or apple cider vinegar). Failing to have this balance can increase deficiencies of both calcium and magnesium. We have used both ascorbic and citric acids to create the correct pH so the body can absorb and use the calcium and magnesium efficiently. Having calcium without the proper pH can result in calcium depositing in joints (arthritis) or kidneys (stones) and even behind the eyes (cataracts).


Why Instant CalMag-C Works: It has been formulated in a 2:1 ratio of calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate with vitamin C to adjust the pH so your body can actually use it. It is safe for small babies (great for teething, colicky and restless babies) in very small doses, like the tip of a teaspoon in the water bottle. As tolerance increases, you can increase it slowly.


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Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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