The Body Made Simple – Part II

Editor’s Note: We continue with The Body Made Simple taken from the works of Adelle Davis. Part I can be seen here.




“This cell with all its processes and activities, multiplied by billions and billions, is you. The degree to which this cell can maintain its ideal structure and can carry on its normal functions is the degree of your health.


“A seemingly minor lack of a single nutrient or of many nutrients can bring about disaster. It is the amount of nutrients supplied to the cell itself which determines the state of your health. Malnutrition does not necessarily mean a faulty diet or even faulty absorption; it means only that less than enough of one or more nutrients reaches the cell.


“The sum total of all the never-ceasing activities of all the cells is spoken of as metabolism. When these hundreds of activities, although still carried on at fantastic speed, are at their slowest, as when you lie motionless not even digesting food, the total is called basal metabolism.


Weight Gain


“A lack of any nutrient or nutrients can slow down the activities of the cells; less food is needed, and unwanted weight may be gained. Only when all nutrients are generously supplied can the activities of the body be maintained at ideal speed, and the metabolism remain normal.


Servants of the Cell


“All other parts of your body are but servants of the cell.


“The heart, for example, which people think of as important, only makes it possible for supplies to reach the cell and wastes to be removed.


“The arteries, veins and thousands of miles of capillaries are mere pipes through which supplies and wastes are carried.


“The lungs are slaves which supply oxygen and throw off carbon dioxide;


“The kidneys are slaves which purify water and remover the wastes freed by the tearing down of worn tissues.


“The urinary bladder is merely a reservoir.


“The digestive tract is nothing more than a mechanism for changing food into the form which the cell can utilize.


“The bone marrow is a slave which produces blood corpuscles to carry oxygen, and

“The spleen is the graveyard for these corpuscles when their usefulness is spent.


“All of the glands are slaves which produce hormones to help regulate each cell’s activity; the master gland, the pituitary, is in turn a slave which supervises the functions of the other glands and of each body cell.


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Disclaimer: Please note that we are not doctors. The only advice we give is purely educational. Should you have any illness or disease, please refer to your medical practitioner for advice but we do recommend that you find yourself a practitioner who understands nutrition in relation to disease.

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