The Best Anti-Inflammatory May Be Knowing Why Inflammation Occurs In the First Place!

Shocking info on inflammation reveals hidden secret to steering clear of it!


We hear about it constantly. We somehow know it isn’t good for us. But do any of us really know what it is?

What is the big deal about inflammation anyway?

Despite its blame for so many diseases and being “treated” as a basic cause, it yet is not itself a disease at all.

The surprising fact turns out to be that it is a natural function of the body in its attempt to fend off or heal from disease or injury.

Yes, it’s actually a natural function.

In other words, it is not a disease or injury, it is a reaction to these.

So, treating it as a disease or malady in and of itself has only led to more mystery surrounding it, compounded health issues in “treating” it, to say nothing of burying its real causes and issues which lie beneath its function.

In fact, discovering what inflammation actually is and does can not only lead to an understanding of how one would address pain and stress relief, injury recovery and disease, it reveals how to achieve ideal body function.

So, an investigation of this mystery “malady” in order to approach a resolution of it is clearly in order.

What does your immune system have to do with inflammation?… EVERYTHING!

Inflammation is not just related to the immune system, it is a function of it, and a most vital one at that.

Yes, it’s exactly as you’re thinking just now…

It’s a good thing!

But, let’s not get carried away.

Calling it what it really is, in its most literal sense, it is a good reaction to a bad situation.

A cursory search for information reveals some good basics.

One such basic is that, when injury or disease move in, the body reacts using this function to fend off further “invaders” and to send a message to the body to start fighting off those which made it through its early warning and defense system.

It is this one factor that simultaneously hides and reveals the would-be obvious resolution of it.

How can this paradox be true?

The answer is more obvious than. you would expect…

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How can an “anti-inflammatory” remedy be an “anti-treatment” of what REALLY went wrong?

Answers sometimes can be so obvious that we wonder how we could have missed them. Yet they are, nonetheless, true. Inflammation “remedy” is among them.

Do not misunderstand. This is not an attack on anti-inflammatory treatments and does not contradict doctors’ orders for treatment of, often, life-threatening or even less severe ills. As a matter of fact, anti-inflammatories have their place, especially in emergency intervention when injuries are acute or severe. So, this is no campaign to obliterate them or to discourage their use when prescribed.

But, DO understand what they are, what they do and, most importantly WHY.

And, perhaps most relevant at all to the situation at hand, understand the function of inflammation itself and its significance.

To so understand is to have heightened self-awareness, making you a more active participant in your own wellness.

It’s when inflammation is itself looked at as the villain is where the confusion about the subject starts. Knowing it is a BODY REACTION to disease or injury, it yet opens the door to understanding the actual issue, and this may be an imbalance in the body which has not only existed all the while, but has been created by some deficiency, toxicity, imbalance or the like.

To be very clear, before inflammation even occurs, prior to injury or disease invading the body, weaknesses can exist. And your very habits in life can be creating them!!

Good habits, good defenses, no problems. This is the ideal.

Bad habits, weak fortress, foreign invaders. This is all-too-common.

The latter is where injury and disease result and why inflammation occurs as a response.

These are the basics to know. And they don’t take 15 years of medical training to understand and think with. In fact, they make you a more active participant in your own wellness as well as your relationship with your doctor!

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You’re not injured or sick, but you have inflammation. What might it be trying to tell you?

Inflammation, being itself a signal system, is alerting that some disease or injury has invaded and to get to work against it.

But what if you have no obvious injury or apparent disease? What then?

This is perhaps the most common case and could, itself, warrant an entire article. Nonetheless it is significant in just the very logic of this body reaction.

Inflammation is a REACTION to an adverse effect. So something must be awry for it to occur.

You hear talk these days of “anti-inflammatory” diets or “foods that help reduce or avoid inflammation.”

Applying the logic of this action, it becomes obvious that, if foods or chemical agents ingested tend to cause inflammation, they must be treated by the body as an injury or disease. It’s telling you good from bad!

This is a great index when considering “what is good for you” in your choices of how to achieve body wellness.

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How do you regulate your own stress, pain, inflammation and even disease levels?

While there is no “end-all-be-all” approach and, as body function should be very much a self-awareness-assisted activity, understanding why the body gets inflamed is your measuring stick for what choices you should make.

Things that lead toward inflammation are obviously things “unwanted” by the body whereas those nutrients or activities considered “anti-inflammatory” can be considered beneficial (with some exceptions as to allergies, medical issues etc.)

So, understanding this can help make better choices when inflammation has already occurred as well as when trying to avoid it.

Balancing the imbalance in the body’s most fundamental requirements…

Minding the fundamentals of body care are paramount to a stress-free life.

Anti-inflammatory, preventive-type care of the body is actually a misnomer. You’re really preventing the things that trigger the inflammation warning system.

So it’s “anti-injury” or “anti-disease” when you speak of such actions to take.

Giving the body its essentials, caring for it’s basic needs, avoiding things it considers toxic and supporting it with activities and actions that help it survive are all such measures. These are the way to build a fortress to keep external stress “out there” and avoid their invasion.

Calcium and magnesium are the two top minerals which the body utilizes in more than 300 body functions. Their importance is emphasized by the numerous malfunctions that occur in their absence, particularly when it comes to stress. The body and its systems can become exhausted. Inflammation is all but guaranteed.

Supplementing them where they are deficient is obviously key.

Instant CalMag-C is formulated to provide the body with the exact form and combination it requires to absorb and utilize these vital minerals, instantly and immediately.

The results when utilized to fulfill an existing deficiency are astounding. When addressing inflammation-related causes this can mean the difference between pain, discomfort, tension or pain and a total wellness-based, stress-free life.

Try it today and see how stress-free it may be!

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