Tendonitis, Aches, Stiffness, Orthodontic Adjustment!

PAINFUL TENDONITIS: “I have taken your Instant CalMag-C for a long time now, liking it better than most other versions of calmags but actually without noticing much difference except general physical wellbeing.

“Recently, however, a very painful tendonitis developed in my left shoulder and I had a hard time sleeping because the pain in the shoulder kept me awake. I upped my daily dose to three times the usual – took 1½ glass just before bedtime and 1½ glass to drink if I woke up with pain. That helped a lot and I have been sleeping like a log for several days now.

“Your suggestion to take the Omega 3, 10 capsules a day, has really bettered my condition and it is all but gone now.” 

Claes D, Florida

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Calcium and Magnesium

Calcium and magnesium are two minerals that are responsible for hundreds of body functions, especially making your nerves work properly. Your nervous system starts in your brain and the nerves go to every single body part, organ, gland, heart and right down to your smallest toes.

Calcium’s job is to contract and magnesium’s job is to relax them and that’s how your body sends signals to the muscles, tendons and all your other body parts to do a certain job.

Deficiencies can cause all kinds of symptoms in your body – from slight discomforts, more severe discomfort, to pain and, in very severe cases, death. Symptoms can be compared to static on your phone which causes irritation and discomfort to not being able to even receive a signal so you can’t talk to someone on the phone. In other words there’s no signal at all. If signals can’t get through, malfunctions occur.

Instant CalMag-C

What makes Instant CalMag-C different?

Well, we made Instant CalMag-C in exactly the way that your body can use it. This is very important because tablets and capsules can lie in your stomach and be unable to break down so they don’t get absorbed. Besides being a waste of money, your body has to cope with getting rid of them.

Instant CalMag-C is made with two parts calcium gluconate and one part magnesium carbonate with vitamin C to create the correct pH so it can be absorbed. It’s called Instant because your body can use it instantly and many people feel the effects within minutes. It doesn’t even have to be digested so you can feel the effects in minutes.

It’s safe for any age – from baby to granny!

ACHING JOINTS: “Thank you for your e-mail.  You were on my list to call today.  I definitely want to order some more…  My husband has been suffering from achy joints since 1998… 2 hours after taking the CalMag is joints did not ache for the next 24 hours…Truly a miracle… I am really excited about this product and I will be sharing it with many patients, if not all of them ”  

NP, Chiropractor, Massachusetts

ORTHODONTIC ADJUSTMENT: “As I said, ALREADY after trying the CalMag-C twice, I saw the difference it made!  I took two packets again today after having an orthodontic adjustment and feel like I am on “easy street”. Normally the feeling of my teeth moving is all I can think about for days, so I am really happy! ”

Dentist’s wife, Wisconsin


“My husband and I have a painting business. We paint the insides of people’s homes for them. I am 55 and he is 62 and we don’t hire anyone. We do all the work ourselves. It is hard work. I might wash 50 doors and scrub and caulk the baseboards in an entire house, all before noon. My husband could roll 1500 square feet of wall in a day. Most people couldn’t do what we do.

As a result we get aches and general stiffness that definitely make you feel old and worn out. When that happens I find myself automatically thinking that I have a “bad knee” and I better stop using ladders or that my old shoulder injury is “acting up” and I might even start thinking that I better slow down and take it easy because I am wearing my body out. But I am really not ready to stop! I like what I do and it works for us.

“But then I realize I just need CalMag-C, or more CalMag-C. I now drink up to 3 glasses a day to keep the aches and pains completely at bay. It is that simple and it works fast, I feel a distinct difference within an hour and if I still have aches and twinges I drink more later in the day, and I keep it consistent until my muscles and nerves feel smoothed out.

“I have learned not to think but to drink CalMag-C!”

Mary F, Florida

I would like to thank Desiree for creating this product and making it available. It has been a gift that has allowed both myself and my husband to continue a successful business far longer than we expected to.  Along with that she has been a guide and teacher, which is a priceless bonus.

Buy it and try it or talk to Desiree. She’ll understand.”

Mary F, Florida

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