Take Heart Health to Heart This Valentine’s Day

There is way more to Valentine’s day than just chocolates, diamonds, roses and true love.

Singer/songwriter, Christina Perri, writer of a song called “Jar of Hearts”, was quoted, “You need to love yourself… one hundred percent before you can actually love someone else.” Yet the self-care and wellness actions of many have been less-than-optimum to maintain physical health, especially when it comes to heart health. All of which gives being someone’s Valentine an entirely new significance. How can you give your heart to someone through better heart health?

True love should endure, and so should you…

The heart is, perhaps, the most significant muscle and organ in the body. It is used to describe many life issues in metaphoric testament to how vital it is, physically, to life. We are always looking to “get to the heart of” important matters, taking “to heart” things people say, “giving our heart” to someone else and even being “heart-broken” from time-to-time. The importance of this vital organ is signified in every walk of life. And, while “true love lasts forever”, shouldn’t those in love also, themselves, endure? So, it would be wise to take heart health to heart.

A workout for the heart

Unlike the philosophical heart, the physical heart is, essentially, a muscle, and has the same properties and requirements. It needs to be strengthened, exercised, rested and nourished. So, treating it as you would any other muscle group would be a great start to heart health. Exercise, for instance, is one of the most recommended preventatives for heart issues. A nutritionally abundant diet, rich in minerals is another.

The heart’s ‘influence’

The heart is essentially a pump for blood which needs to flow under optimum conditions. Proper blood pressure in the circulatory system must be maintained for ideal heart health, a process which requires the same magnesium that vital muscles such as the heart require for proper function. It can be said to be at the start of a chain reaction that, to the body, is life itself!

If someone gives you their heart, shouldn’t it be a healthy one?

Just as heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates should contain the best-tasting chocolate, so should the heart you give to someone else be as healthy as possible. What would you think of gift chocolate that tasted terrible? What does it say about the giver’s sentiment? Is poor heart health any different? Doing everything possible to create better heart health is, perhaps, the best way to endure those “forever” years of true love. And so the quote about loving yourself first is true. You need to be around at length to love others for a very long time.

Those who truly love Instant CalMag-C have spoken out on a variety of benefits that have improved their lives. One of it’s foremost benefits is the form of magnesium it contains. And, being properly-balanced with calcium, it’s “partner” mineral, it can supply essentials needed for heart health. Try it now and see the benefits it can have for you. You just might fall in love!

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