Stress: When ‘Weakness’ Causes Your Diet or Exercise Not to Work…

You may feel strong and things may seem okay.

You might be in what you consider the best shape of your life and have felt that way your ENTIRE life.

If you’re like most, you more likely have some minor, intermittent issues, but nothing to concern you.

But are you really weak and just don’t know it?

Think about it. If you were capable of more, if you had more strength, would you ever know it if you’ve never experienced it even once?

What you may not know is that, over 125 years ago, Chiropractic (as the science of proper nerve energy flow) revealed “weaknesses” that can be caused by structural and even nutritional deficiencies.

With that came the resolution of many unexplained body phenomena. Pain or tension that comes and goes, reactions to nutrition, stress intolerance and lowered resistance may stem from such deficiency.

This opened the door to many advances in understanding how the body gets its strength. It also revealed the secret behind what creates that nerve energy in the first place, a secret that is finally revealed in this short article!

But you don’t have to be a Doctor of Chiropractic to benefit from the discovery. Just by knowing these breakthroughs, you yourself can improve your overall condition and up your game!

Your organs and body systems need to communicate for you to function…

The deficiency is actually found to be a lack of communication INSIDE the body. It has little to do with what activities you do (whether working out or sitting at a desk) or the things you ingest.

Even the best diet and exercise routine can be less effective if this basic deficiency exists.

Food allergies, for example, can be the result of actual reactions to food, but they can also be caused by a basic breakdown of internal communication.

Lowered ability to do activities like exercise or even just walk can be the result of deformity but can also be caused by communicational deficiencies.

Communication (via nerves) is the key to how the brain keeps all the organs and body systems functioning in harmony and to their fullest potential.

Blockages to this process can obviously, then, make the body function at less than full potential. Even if “unblocked” and able to “flow free”, nerves are useless if there is no energy supplied in the first place.

So no matter what great care you take of it, this problem could be working against you. And, as it is for most people, you may never realize it.

How can the body trick you into thinking your malfunctions are normal?

Many more people have this issue than you would probably believe. But know that this issue is a disorder of communication, not of diet or basic form.

The trick is that when you have been living with these communication breakdowns all your life, your life experience itself seems normal.

That means aches, pains, allergies, intolerances, illnesses and immunity issues “come with the territory” of living and that this is as good as it gets for you in terms of ability.

Not ever having experienced proper and full-capacity nerve energy flow and function, you may have never known what level of efficiency, strength and ability you can achieve.

And, while the science of Chiropractic is what made it possible to finally find out about the flow PATTERN, the science of MINERALS is what made it possible to advance from there and understand what PROPELS nerve energy. Here’s why…

Why can stress block your body from functioning at its optimum?

Nervous system function can be compared to a study of electricity and how it behaves in various environments.

If you think of an electrical appliance, if its wire is in proper shape, the appliance can work. If the wire is damaged or frayed, the appliance may start to malfunction or stop.

Your nerves are very good conductors of electricity when they are in good shape. But, unlike electrical wires, these nerves can be interfered with rather easily.

If you bend a wire, electricity will still flow as long as you haven’t broken it. And provided the wire is in “factory condition” it will still function properly.

Nerve energy flows a little differently, more like water through a hose. Unlike bending a wire, if you “kink” a hose, the flow slows or stops. So it is with nerves which become irritated by physical imbalances.

This, however is where STRUCTURE ends and where REGENERATION and ENERGY PROPULSION begin.

In other words, working, unblocked “wires” can still have in sufficient flow due to a couple of things.

First would be lack of electricity supply from the brain. Unblocked, there is still no electricity existing due to deficiencies.

Further, nerves are not built of the same material as wires. Nerves require that you constantly provide them with the materials they are made of. They can become malnourished and deteriorate.

From here it is easy to see where malfunction becomes possible. Block the flow physically or don’t supply nerves with what they need to conduct electricity and you have a power failure.

This manifests itself in weaknesses people don’t even know they have!

How can you become a “superhuman” version of yourself?

You’re not going to be Superman or Wonder Woman if that’s what you’re thinking.

You should know that you may not be bulletproof when you spot and rehabilitate your “blockages” to nerve energy flow and restore function.

Realize that “optimum” function may not be 100%. It varies from person to person depending on a few factors.

The body can have basic hereditary deformities or even past injuries that have damaged tissue permanently.

It may also have been so long since the communication breakdowns have occurred that you cannot gain a full recovery of all of it. It may be too far gone.

But even in these cases, restoring maximum nerve energy flow can make a person better able to function (even if the outcome is 80% of the actual capacity) that this can seem miraculous.

In other words, full communication may feel like “superhuman strength” when compared to how it was before.

So, you won’t be dead-lifting cars, but you will feel more strength than you personally thought possible.

Relative to how you used to function, you may be a “super you” in terms of your capabilities, even if it means you’re simply able to eat foods you enjoy or achieve levels of activity which were previously unattainable!

The real recovery starts with an investigation of blockages and deficiencies!

What can you DO about strengthening weakness and moving toward ideal function?

By now you may be suspecting you may be doing alright but there is room for improvement you didn’t think possible.

You may have thought of an intolerance, an allergy or even a discomfort, tension or pain, that maybe isn’t so normal after all.

And you would be right. These are not normalities. They are not, however, “conditions” themselves. You’ll be happy to know these are part of an “advanced warning system” your body is equipped with to tell you to fix something.

They are a sort of “Check Engine” light for you!

One thing is for sure: if you are deficient in the minerals that support nerve structure and create and impel energy flow will result in malfunction.

That’s where drinkable Instant CalMag-C mineral beverage supplement comes in. Very specific forms and ratio of the minerals calcium and magnesium are required to support the nerve structure and basic function. Without them it can be similar to a power outage.

What good are appliances without electricity? What good is the human body without nerve energy flow? Similar problem.

Fulfill any deficiencies you may have with Instant CalMag-C and see what recovery may be possible. It may just restore power you didn’t even know you had and spark the light bulb of all the things you can do with that newfound state!

Drink Instant CalMag-C! Try it today!

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