Stress Weighs Heavily On the Mind and Body!

When heavy stress makes you heavy

Stress has been known to trigger numerous health problems, especially pain and tension. This is a drastic oversimplification. Stress is involved in countless other issues.

One of the most common issues is weight gain.

While “stress eating” seems obvious, why, even if you change your diet, do those stubborn, frustrating pounds still remain?

The cause of the stress itself sheds light on both an answer and a solution.

Carrying Stress In Your Waist

This is commonly stated but a little misleading. Stress itself does not accumulate in your waist. It actually manifests itself by affecting your only glands designed to meet stress: the adrenal glands.

These rugged glands are designed to help you meet stressful situations. Just as any other function, however, they can get overworked and break down. When they do, they trigger a chain reaction that shows up in a number of manifestations.

Weight gain is no exception!

What do your stress glands do?

The adrenal glands produce several hormones which help you deal with stressful situations. One of these is “cortisol” which you may have heard “causes belly fat” and weight gain.

While there are intricacies of the process, a chain reaction is triggered by this hormone involving triggering of fat-producing hormones and even causing sugar cravings. Such activity makes for a losing situation, even with the best of eating habits.

When, no matter how healthy you eat, you still can’t lose the weight…

When weight loss is difficult, something is awry. More often than not, the adrenal glands are hard at work, combating large levels of stress and getting overworked in the process.

The result? Even when eating a healthy diet or exercising, the effects of stress itself may be taking their toll on the body and must be addressed.

How to keep stress in the environment and not on your waist…

If the factors of stress are identified, and if overworked adrenal glands are at play, it’s logical that you need to reduce the stress. While it isn’t always possible to reduce the stress itself, proofing up the body against it is certainly within reach.

Getting the adrenals in shape to handle stress is paramount. Only then can stubborn, excess weight be handled and gotten rid of for good!

Nature’s stress-fighting minerals

The basic building blocks of a well-functioning, stress-free body are calcium and magnesium.

Regulating everything from blood pressure to blood sugar, from muscle tension to relaxation, countless processes responsible for healthy weight are regulated by them.

Instant CalMag-C may be a product designed with stress IN MIND, to prevent it from being “IN-BODY”. By helping relax the muscles and even overall demeanor, these minerals in delicate balance and precise form combine to help keep the effects of stress to a minimum.

And, that can be the difference between stress accumulating in the environment or on your waistline. Try INstant CalMag-C today and see what it can do for you!

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