Stress, Viral in Nature

When You Start ‘Wearing’ (or at least ‘Carrying’) the Environmental Stress That Surrounds You…

Want to talk about ‘Space Invaders’ for real?

They don’t come from outer space or from an 80’s video game. But they are quite real and do exist.

And you might have not realized it but they may have ‘abducted’ you when you weren’t looking.

This is proven time and again from asking people the following question:

Where do you carry your stress?

When asked, an overwhelming majority of people will answer up without delay, coming up with some such answer as “in my shoulders” or, “always in my neck and upper back”, “in my stomach” or even “my waistline sure shows it.”

But think about what that means. Isn’t it obvious that the stress that is out in the environment somehow became a part of them?

But, if you could find where it’s getting in, you could beef up security for sure!

Stress looks for an ‘open door or window’

We all have heard from our doctor that when resistance is low, illness can enter.

We also have heard that stress can cause health issues and all manner of problems physically.

What escapes our view is the sense of how the stress might enter in the first place. But, wouldn’t we be better off knowing? If we know, couldn’t we close the door on it getting in or at least barricade it?

Hysteria is contagious, but stress itself is something else entirely…

While the fact of ‘herd mentality’ can be at play, something more internally happens and starts to manifest itself in ways we don’t tend to recognize.

Seeming like isolated incidents, we tend to ignore them. Headaches, neck and shoulder pain, food allergies, exhaustion, weight gain, inflammation and a host of other problems look like isolated illnesses.

But when you look at everything collectively, you start to realize that everything is part of one organized system and that these are only symptoms of a breakdown or some part of the system.

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What parts of the body ruin it for the rest?

Hands down, it all comes back to the basics of structure. You have three components of the body at play that are supporting all the rest.

When these particular components break down, function of the whole starts to suffer.

These are:

Basic Structure (spine, feet, etc.) Nervous System (electrical communication) Endocrine System (response system)

As you can imagine, when these get blocked or hindered, nothing tends to work right.

So it’s not so much what your environment brings to you (i.e your desk, your diet, your mattress, etc), it’s what you bring into the environment.

If you have irritations, hinderances, imbalances or even deficiencies affecting any of these three, you are going to manifest any manner of symptoms

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What can you do to figure out where your weak spots are?…

From immunity to pain, from persistent weight gain to food allergies, tension, stress and sleep issues, imbalances in these three components tend to be at play.

And assessing how these are functioning, compared to their total potential, you can make a ton of headway in getting things sorted out.

Relief is usually just around the corner.

The factors at play include one of or both of the following:

  1. Possible interference or blockage of energy flow

  2. Lack of resources to propel energy

If you block the flow of nerve energy, hormones, etc, they will get jammed up and not be able to carry out their functions. And the body will malfunction.

But if you don’t supply what they need to propel them along their path, you also get malfunction.

The environmental stress that INVADES and the manifestation of the symptoms it causes are very specific and custom to every case. With everyone having had different life experiences, this proves out.

The blocks they have accumulated are different. The deficiencies are equally varied. But they are similar and the symptoms are near-identical person to person.

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A common lack of calcium and magnesium and what replenishing them could mean…

When energy flow is blocked along nerve channels, there are a number of things that can be done to “unblock” it. This involves physical type therapies geared toward opening up energy flows.

But when deficiency is at play, there is no energy being propelled in the first place.

Calcium and magnesium, combined, fuel over 600 body processes including muscular function and, yes, nerve energy propulsion too. That means that they help propel communication within the body and influence a majority of vital functions.

You don’t need to consult science to realize that depriving the body of such important elements would create a systemic malfunction and possibly even wreak havoc.

Instant CalMag-C supplement beverage is formulated to deliver the exact form and ratio of calcium and magnesium that the body needs while absorbing it instantly and putting the minerals to immediate use.

Replenishing these minerals where they were deficient in the first place can be an astounding effect and can be a line of defense against future “Personal Space Invaders”.

When deficiency-caused stress invades your personal space, drink Instant CalMag-C and put stress back in its place!

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