Stress Symptoms Are Very Real, But Are They Really Necessary at All?

Stress is known to ’cause’ many health issues, but why does it affect you at all?…

You hear it all too often, or maybe have said it yourself: “I’m so stressed-out,” I carry my stress in my shoulders,” “this stress is killing me” or dozens of others too numerous to count.

But while stress is a commonly-accepted fact of life we must contend with and which affects our health, do we really have to endure the havoc it seems to wreak?

Have we no choice as to whether to carry, hold or wear our stress or drop, lose or waste it? Can we decide if we would be victimized by or impervious to it?

Surprisingly, the most significant revelation is not that you indeed have a choice (you do), but the strange fact is that you sort of “decide” to carry the stress in the first place.

An investigation into the function of the human body is especially revelatory in uncovering the odd influences stress can have as well as what can be done about them.

In other words, the power to be potentially impervious to stress is not an impossibility and you can effect a positive change in your stress levels if you can understand how your body works.

What ‘error’ does your body make to wind up the victim of the stress it faces every day?

It may seem hard to believe at first but the design of the human body is apparently perfect in terms of its ideal form and function. Consider it for a moment…

The frame is symmetrical and suited to the environments it encounters, the body systems work in tandem harmony to convert fuel to energy, divide it up and put it to use.

In fact, the human body is so intricate, it is a miracle it runs the way it does or at all. It is the ultimate engineering triumph.

But just like any machine which was ideally-constructed to be efficient and useful, it can be prone to malfunctions.

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And, while malfunctions appear to come from the environment (external), it is more often a self-malfunction (internal) that lays the machine open to adverse environmental effects.

A tire can go flat from running over some small piece of metal in the road, but if the treads hadn’t been so worn, the metal may have not penetrated.

A basement may get flooded but had the waterproof sealant on the foundation not worn away, no water would have ever gotten through.

Whereas some may consider the hot sun the cause of their headache, being slightly dehydrated in the first place makes one prone to be affected by it.

The environment can brutal, but the weaknesses within can mean the difference between standing up to it or being knocked flat!

It is an error in the body that opens the door to the environment producing damage.

What do these examples tell us about the stress you carry?


And here is why!…

Stress is something you bear, not something you wear!

Why shouldn’t you wear, hold or carry stress in your body? It’s not normal.

Testament to the fact would be anyone who plays professional sports. What keeps athletes in such tip top shape despite the stress they endure, stress far beyond what any of us can imagine much less experience.

At first glance it may seem that it is the workout, the conditioning and the gradual building of “tolerance” for the activity itself. But one vital, senior factor is easily overlooked: they bring no weakness to the table.

It is not the strength of the athlete so much as the lack of weakness, two things which seem similar but are vastly different as strength is really just a measure of “proof against weakness”.

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Should any professional athlete have a preexisting imbalance, for instance, injury from the activity becomes far more likely. In fact, a large majority of sports injuries occur because of a pre-existing yet hidden weakness which may have been laying dormant for many years.

So, the difference between wearing and bearing stress is the difference between balance and imbalance. When the body is operating according to nature’s blueprint (perfection), it can handle immense amounts of environmental stress. When it isn’t, it is left wide open and prone to conditions such as injury and illness.

If imbalances exist which make most of us prone to stress, is there ever balance?…ABSOLUTELY!

One of the things you can bank on is that, if there is an Imbalance, then balance exists in the basic blueprint.

What do we mean by balance? It can be taken many ways and there are numerous facets to the subject, but the basics are structural, nutritional and some emotional balance. And, while emotional can be a factor all on its own (a common assumption), more often than not, structural and nutritional imbalances can create a condition that changes (depresses) the emotional state.

In other words, your physical state can influence your emotional state.

The good news is that it works in reverse. Should you restore or achieve structural and nutritional balance in a situation where imbalance as adversely affected the emotional condition, it can yet be improved, often drastically, and mostly for the better.

Phyiscally, irritated nerves, tightened muscles, fallen arches and deteriorated posture can all be factors of weakness. Gravity alone will exploit these to say nothing of the more intense activities in which you may engage in life.

Nutritionally (chemically) anything from the food you eat, to vitamins you take and even drugs, alcohol or medications you ingest all can create more imbalances than you may think.

Herein lies the importance of creating structural and nutritional balance.

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BIG NEWS: There is one thing you can do that bridges structural AND nutritional factors!

Whether it’s irritated nerves, tight muscles or poor nutrition resulting in body system malfunction, giving the body a supply fo what it needs when it is in deficiency is key. And, responsible for hundreds of body functions are the two minerals that are atop of the list:

Calcium and magnesium!

These two minerals regulate pain, inflammation, relaxation, blood sugar, blood pressure, muscle tension, and hundreds more. They could be said to be two of the most important nutrients in the diet.

With so many unknowingly deficient in them, it is no wonder so many are prone to injury, pain and the like.

The best way to reduce stress is to prevent it in the first place!

While you should take a multi-faceted approach such as postural measures taken by a Chiropractor, exercises at the gym with a trainer or other activities such as yoga, pilates martial arts or the like.

Nutritionally, starting by supplementing calcium and magnesium where they are deficient.

Instant CalMag-C is a fast-absorbing supplement formulated based on the body’s natural way of instantly-absorbing and immediately utilizing these two power minerals in the hundreds of body processes they support. The results, when deficient can not only be instant but astounding and that may even be the difference between wearing or bearing the stress you face.

Why wear stress this fall. It’s SO last season!

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