Stress Should Be Bearable, Not Wearable!

Some people complain they ‘carry’ their stress when they shouldn’t have picked it up at all!

It wasn’t ever necessary!

Where do you “carry” your stress?

Seems like a logical question. After all, you probably had an immediate answer when you read it.

You may have pointed to your shoulders or neck, your back or other areas of mild or even infrequent, yet noticeable discomfort. You may have even pointed to your stomach or digestive function!

But what if you were to find out that the body is supposed to ward off stress? That stress is supposed to stay in the environment and that is solely where it belongs and you shouldn’t have picked it up?

And, what if there was something you were actively doing, below your radar, that was inviting it in?

One thing is for sure, you would know instantly that these issues would not be “just another factor of life” that we need to “grin and bear” and move along! You would know they didn’t have to exist.

Well, not only is it true that stress belongs in the environment, your body is supposed to function to defend you against it and keep stress at bay.

The only reason you don’t know you’re not supposed to have these issues is because you never found out what the body is supposed to do by its blueprint and how powerful it actually is and should be! Now it’s time to learn!

Mother Nature made a perfect blueprint…

There is something so obvious that gets overlooked when it comes to health and wellness. And overlooking it, a ton of unnecessary suffering can occur. And a lot of stress gets carried!

The first thing you consider when you set out to solve malfunction is to solve function first. If you don’t know how something is supposed to function, how can you ever know if it’s malfunctioning?

This is why we have auto mechanics, and computer repair specialists, surgeons, etc. The first key is understanding what it is these people understand.

An auto mechanic doesn’t go to school to study “broken cars” and learn how to repair them primarily.

Mechanics actually must first learn (whether on their own or in school) how an engine functions and how the mechanics of a car work.

When you know how something works you can then accomplish successfully 3 things

know immediately when it isn’t working right can look and figure out what’s wrong restore it to good working order

Think about it: if you had working knowledge of how a perfectly-functioning engine worked, what its parts did, how it mechanically functioned, wouldn’t you have a shot at lifting the hood and figuring things out when it stopped working?

Perfect blueprint or not, mine is far from it!

Knowing this, you might start to think you were issued a defective product! And, if you can say that you “carry your stress” anywhere physically, you may just be starting to believe it.

Not to worry. It’s actually no different than a car.

Most people don’t understand the body’s true function from the blueprint. We live in a world of so many health issues, remedies, medicines and other interventions we seldom stop to look at the blueprint and understand its function by design. It is truly designed to work perfectly.

So, when you don’t understand function, you don’t understand malfunction at all. Most people don’t even know malfunction exists, even when it is screaming at them with discomfort.

When you assume “carried stress” is part of the blueprint, a symptom of normal function, you close the door to ever doing anything about it.

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How did you INVITE the stress in?

Not to be accusative, but the stress you carry actually falls back on you. It’s not the environment at all. The body’s perfect structural and communications blueprint are perfectly designed to handle the stresses of living on this planet.

Wouldn’t you agree that Earth is a very stressful planet to live on? Just gravity alone…

So, your desk, your couch, your mattress or even your workout routine are not causing it.

Admittedly these can exacerbate the condition, but the breakdown in the basic structure has been hanging around for much longer than your current scene. It may have been hanging around since birth.

Habits you have can weaken it over the years and later you end up with the environment “getting through” your best defenses. You could say then that your resistance is low!

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The 2 culprits of stress you carry?

If you’re looking for someone to blame there are two usual suspects who sometimes work independently and sometimes as a team. They are:

Structural Weakness Nutritional Deficiency

Both the structural and nutritional can work to block key communication flows within the body’s already delicate balance of function. When communication is slowed or stopped, the body can’t work.

Nutritionally, it is like unplugging the car battery and pouring the wrong fuel in the tank. Structurally it is like disconnecting the transmission, damaging the spark plugs and loosening the bolts holding the engine in place.

The car and body are, alike, doomed from the start of these as both become more susceptible to environmental issues. If the bolts holding the engine to the frame become loose, the bumps will eventually loosen them enough to fall apart.

Keep putting the wrong fuel in the tank and the car will malfunction. Keep giving a body imbalances and inhibit internal communication… you get the point!

Your history is riddled with opportunities to accumulate such imbalances and everyone’s history is different. But the outcome is always the same. The environment gets inside.

And it’s all a load to carry from there. You are essentially carrying around the environment with you. This is what we are actually mean when we say “I carry my stress” somewhere phsyically!

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What to do about this ‘outside-in’ that’s turning you inside-out?

Weakness of the basic structure is most often found at the bottom of the entire problem. The spine and feet are the support structure and Chiropractors and Podiatrists support these.

Simultaneously, nutritional aspects, toxicity and even allergic reactions to nutrients, chemicals and the like further inhibit body communication. Addressed together with structure, you can find your way back in the direction of perfection.

And probably the foremost deficiency is of calcium and magnesium. These two “stress minerals” are responsible for a combined more than 600 body processes and are each required for the other to be effective. And it isn’t just any old calcium or magnesium. There are precise types and forms of them that the body selectively uses. All others go to waste.

With such a narrow margin for error, it is easy to see how deficiencies can start the body to experience malfunction and a wide array of symptoms associated with it. Such symptoms can be anything from a change in blood pressure or blood sugar level, all the way to immune inadequacy and even excessive muscle tension. Here is the “stress” people claim they carry.

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Drink it for yourself and see if you might stop “carrying” that stress and simply “carry on” with less of it! Carry it with you anywhere!

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