Stress and Anxiety May Be Rampant, But There’s This One Thing That Can Keep It Away…

And you won’t believe how easy it is to control once you know it!

What is the most horrifying, dangerous pandemic of them all?

You won’t find it under a microscope. You won’t see it in a blood or urine sample. And, no x-ray has ever shown it directly.

But it is nonetheless, not a disease, but an instigator of malfunction, a breakdown which can, yes, result in disease and poor health.

The troublemaker? STRESS!

Stress is the ultimate in, not creating disease, but ushering it in, you might say. It is the gateway to a myriad of health issues.

But you don’t have to live with it if you understand this one thing about it. And if you do, you have a fighting chance at warding off malfunction and creating stress-free wellness.

The one thing you didn’t know about stress will hurt you, except if you know this…

Stress is personal. There is no doubt about it, evidenced by the fact that people all seem to express it in different ways.

Some wear it on their sleeve, showing up in their attitude.

Others “carry” it in their neck and shoulders, while others “hold” it in their muscles all over. And the manifestations of it are too many to count.

From headaches and migraines, to non-chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, from digestive issues, to deeper medical conditions, stress is well-known to instigate such things.

But did you know the stress, no matter how much you carry or wear, is not INSIDE of you? The stress is actually in the environment.

What you didn’t know is that your body is designed by nature to deal with those external stresses and even ward them off, but due to this one factor, you are basically a parking attendant who is valet parking all of the stresses in the parking spots of your insides.

In other words, you are not only inviting it, but ushering it in.

Here’s why…

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Your open invitation to stress will remain open until you can spot this one thing that is holding the door open…

So, you have opened the door to stress and invited it in, without ever knowing that you did, completely unaware anything is out of the ordinary.

The reason?

You have been living with it for WAY more than the last 6 months to 5 years of your life!

By design, the hun body’s composition, layout and function are perfect, and its system to keep stress on the outside is a remarkable machine, rivaling any possible technology out there… by design anyway.

And, nothing in your current environment, be it your workstation, couch, bed, workout routine or even the load you carry (shoulder bag, child, etc) is powerful enough to break down this barrier between you and your stressful environment.

The answer lies in the past. But not only there. It is in the successive moments of the past dating all the way back to birth (and in most cases 9 months prior to that!).

During this time, ever so small (and some possibly severe) breakdowns in basic structure have been occurring. And you have been, little by little, without noticing, setting yourself up for the fall. The trick of it is that it doesn’t happen suddenly.

So, just as you see yourself in the mirror every day and don’t notice your aging progress over a long period of time, so does your body break down from the first moments of your life start to accumulate wear and tear.

All of which sets you up to break down. The results are barely noticeable except for your unexplained symptoms that are just a “normal part of life” you must live with, right? This is a viscous version of “the new normal” in that it becomes your normal when it isn’t normal at all!

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How to spot warning signs of weaknesses letting in environmental stress…

Plain and simple, it is your posture that is key. But, your symptoms tell part of the story too.

Posture is a leading symptom because of the fact that your structure, being “off its natural design” by these small accumulated traumas over the years (so slight you didn’t notice them), have amounted to an imbalance which is visible.

Weaknesses also develop because of nutritional (especially minerals) deficiencies. Such can show up in posture from merely having weaker muscles and bones to hold up your frame or decreased nerve energy flow which is powered by powerful minerals.

This imbalance is actually interfering further with the design of your body. Nerves especially have the most important job to do. But they rely on a clean, clear pathway free from obstruction. Those postural issues tell the story of this obstruction, weakness and internal imbalance.

The symptoms are not the direct result of trauma necessarily to that exact area of discomfort, but are a symptom of the nerve energy flow being disturbed by this imbalance, which in turn put such areas out of the reach of the brain (so to speak) and allow malfunction to develop.

But they can also be caused by outright deficiencies of fuel – the minerals and other nutrients you need to function at the most basic levels.

So pain, tension, even anxiety in this case are actually symptoms of an obstruction of nerve energy, not of trauma to the area. Be it physically or nutritionally impaired, no matter.

Mystery solved. This explains the unexplained. And it’s too simple for words!

Now if you only knew what to do to detect it…

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What you can do to change your stress, pain, tension and anxiety odds…

It all starts with a checkup, NOT BY WELLNESS PROFESSIONALS, but by YOU.

You can look in your mirror right now and see if your shoulders sit straight, tilt or twist and if your head does this too. You can see if your hips align and if your legs seem to be different lengths.

You can then list all your non-chronic, periodic symptoms and take inventory. This comprises your first step. All this must be real to you by seeing it for yourself. You should always insist on it.

Next, you can log and inventory your dietary intake and find out how much of each micronutrient, mineral, vitamin and the like you intake versus how much you need based on your activity level.

After which you should consider what tracing those symptoms you find back to a common, physical source, and taking an inventory of the history of your frame would do to find you a correct target to focus on.

Lastly you should understand that 90% of what is required to set this condition to right is just that: a common cause, and this is why it is so powerful. When you treat the real source, the stress gets kicked back out into the environment and empowers you to live your life to the fullest!

Calcium and magnesium are two of the most VITAL minerals the body needs. And, especially in times of stress, it needs them even more! Muscles, nerves, bones and organic processes rely heavily upon them and so their deficiency can wreak havoc. This is the “open door syndrome” people express.

Instant CalMag-C supplement beverage mix is formulated with essential forms of calcium and magnesium in the exact combination the body requires them which allows for them to be absorbed instantly and used immediately!

So, don’t look to the news or the crazy times you live in, or any physical barriers in the environment to solve stress. At least not primarily. Always get medical care where required. But understand that supplementing deficiency is paramount to keep stress “out there” where it belongs. And for that, drinkable, Instant CalMag-C is here to fill the void… FAST!

It may get pretty bad out there, but that’s just where all the bad should stay – out there!

Find out how to keep the “out there” from getting “in here” due to deficiency. There may be other doors left open, but this one being so simple to close, why wouldn’t you close it?

Drink Instant CalMag-C from today forward. The only thing you’ll be anxious for is more!

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