Sometimes you have to go back in time to influence the future…

Do time machines exist? Some believe they are possible, others think them fantasy.

But, depending on how you look at it, if a look back in time is in some way possible, if you can find information there that explains the present and if you can use it to influence your future, time travel is definitely possible.

And it is.

But the secret hasn’t been kept by top scientists or secret societies. In fact it has been very public knowledge, known by Chiropractors, Nutritionists and other holistic professionals for over a century, and it’s as easy as watching a video from years ago.

While you may not think this is traveling in time, it is a journey of discovery of the past to influence the future.

And suddenly many stresses, aches, tension, pains, illnesses and other sufferings which seem like a part of life, are traced way back to the events that actually caused them and changed your destiny.

It is this discovery that can change the future and give you optimum function and activity!

Stuff happens, the timeline changes, and things go a different way after that…

Before going back in time, understand how a time line starts and what occurs to change the course of events.

If you are training for a marathon, for instance, and you end up injured permanently, it could end your running career on the spot.

Suddenly, at that moment, your personal timeline skews onto another path, deviating from the course you planned. And your future is changed in an instant.

But all such changes are not as obvious.

Subtle changes that influence your future?

Life is stressful. And your body takes the brunt of the stress, that’s for sure.

But just because there are no major or noticeable injuries is no reason your future isn’t changed when even the most subtle changes happen.

Most obvious are those which are “facts of life” of sorts. Being born is tremendously stressful on your basic structure. So is learning how to walk and falling repeatedly.

Poor nutritional habits, years of eating nutrition deficient, processed foods actually add up to what you experience today. Momentary deficiency doesn’t so much influence the future as what has been occurring repeatedly over many years.

If we were to go back in time to compile a record of all these slight alterations to your timeline, we would be looking at a record of why you experience life the way you do.

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What future should you have ended up with?

This is easily answered except for the fact that no one seems to know that the body isn’t supposed to malfunction. “Carrying stress” or pains is normal.

The body isn’t supposed to suffer allergies or digestive problems. It isn’t supposed to feel uncomfortable or painful and it shouldn’t be as tense as it seems to be for most.

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You shouldn’t need to carry stress physically.

But these breakdowns occur and block, cut off, re-route and short-circuit vital energy vital to optimum body function.

Those breakdowns most often start in the distant past, setting the stage for an alternate future than you would have expected.

What most people don’t realize is that, before any sort of treatment or nutritional regimen is pursued, it is wise to spend a majority of time investigating the past, and looking for the change that started the cycle of a changed future.

Incident playing football when you were nine? Non-chronic tension in shoulder when you’re thirty-eight that keeps you from playing golf.

Fell out of a tree and broke your arm at the age of seven? Digestive issues caused by decreased energy flow when you turned thirty.

Prescription meds taken since you were 23? Systemic breakdowns when you’re 43.

A life of eating processed, nutrient deficient foods? Trouble with diabetes at 60.

Birth trauma to the neck or back? Allergies when you’re 40.

The combinations are endless but are most often resolvable (or can be improved) simply by such an investigation.

And doing that can not only unlock the mystery to the symptoms, but get them handled and change the future course of what is possible for you.

Maybe even give you back the future, in some form, that you had originally planned!

This is the secret to how many people miraculously bounce back after pursuing a holistic route to resolving issues. So many have been given back their “futures” that I have lost count.

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How do you figure it out on your own? 

It is always best to do a little “time travel” with yourself and uncover the physical mechanics of what’s really going on, no matter if you have allergies, digestive or sleep problems, or have more physical pain or discomfort.

Starting with a personal timeline of trauma, nutritional habits, toxins and meds. Looking at past habits and experiences and comparing them with now reveals a wealth of details you may have not considered.

As for getting help, it is advisable to see a holistic nutritionist, a chiropractor and maybe even someone specializing in reflexology which uses nerve energy to assess breakdowns in basic function.

The goal is two find out for yourself two basic things:

What has happened to cause the future you live now physically, and… What your “changed” future might look like by fixing it.

By going back in time through your history of any imbalances and tracing them back to their source, to where the trouble all began, you open up a bright future.

With all the trauma and deficiency, as well as its immediate and long-term effects, there are two things that come up rather frequently which often explain a ton of symptomology. Those are calcium and magnesium.

Responsible for hundreds of body functions each, these, in deficiency, can cause some of the most “dystopian futures” for the body that would rival some of the greatest science fiction ever written about the future. The body reacts immediately to deficiency but, over time, causes some pretty puzzling and even severe conditions.

Fortunately there is Instant CalMag-C, a drinkable, fast-absorbing supplement which replenishes depleted supplies of calcium and magnesium in the body. In this way it is put to use immediately by the body in several hundred processes.

And where deficiency once dictated the future, proper supply of these minerals can steer the timeline back toward the wellness lifestyle you had always envisioned.

Try it today and see what fulfilling any of your deficiencies can do.

Your future awaits!

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