Some Causes of Vertigo Just Don’t Hold Water, Literally!

Some interesting factors surface when investigating symptoms of dehydration, Vertigo no exception…

Vertigo is something of a mystery to some, a nuisance to others and an outright fact of life for many. And, chronic or non-chronic, it isn’t a normal condition.

This fact, however, matters little to those who suffer. For them, the mystery continues to spin.

Once again we are faced with focusing in on the area of discomfort as opposed to considering the more generalized function of the human body.

Backing up from a narrow, if focused approach, basic body function along with proper assignment of cause and effect, can reveal some very interesting (and condition-changing) factors and may even provide hope for relief for many.

Such is the case with Vertigo. Considering it one condition with one cause, it becomes something one has to live with.

Looking at the larger picture of body function, however, many factors are found possibly to be at play.

Surprisingly, dehydration is near the top of the list of possible causes and may provide answers when key deficiencies are at play. Greater chances of remedy are hence possible.

Where does vertigo come from?

This is a way more intelligent question than meets the eye. For modern “diagnostics” have been often relegated to the assignment of labels, with little if any search for true cause.

Vertigo is no exception. The word is but a description of the condition yet provides little indication of cause.

This is not to say that no one has offered up theory or findings on causes of Vertigo. Solutions offered, however, are often limited to medication, regardless of the true cause.

But, to answer up to where vertigo comes from, there are several questions one must get answered and, prerequisite to that, a base understanding of body function is key.

After all, logically, you need to know how something works before you can understand how it stops working.

So what functions do we need to understand and which questions should we be asking?

The answer is surprisingly simple.

Hard questions asked become easy ones when you understand function first!


While asking many questions can help start running an investigation of the basic cause, understanding base body function provides a smarter outlook and way less guesswork when attempting to resolve an otherwise complicated problem.

Should you know nothing of the workings of a functioning household appliance, it is easy to end up stumped on mere guesswork of “playing around” with the thing until deciding to throw it away and just get a new one.

Bodies, unfortunately do not afford us this option.

A person who is adept at fixing appliances is one who knows well the workings of perfectly-functioning ones first and foremost. Understanding function, it becomes easy to diagnose what has broken down and trace back the cause to its source. There is little if any guesswork involved at all.

A leading cause of breakdown of function is… (wait for it)

Think about it. Expert auto mechanics check the fuel level and battery before taking apart an engine that won’t run. Appliance technicians check the electrical connection first.

“Did we put gas in it or plug it in?” is the first question.

How do we fuel or plug in our bodies?


Deficiency is the state of leaving the toaster unplugged or forgetting to put gas in the tank. It is a description of not giving the body what it needs to run. It is the most simple explanation for something that won’t “run” or function.

In deficiency, systems break down, but really, they just fail to function. Often it is not a “broken part”, but more of a “can’t-run-without-power” scenario.

So, what about all this “vertigo is a symptom of dehydration” stuff anyway?

While Vertigo may have many different causes, either singular or in combination, it also has been reported as one of the many and varied symptoms of dehydration.

This is no surprise at all. As we covered in my earlier article on dehydration and electrolytes, there are many symptoms attendant to a dehydrated situation, even when someone has had more than their share of water intake. As a matter of fact, drinking an excess of water may cause the dehydration in the first place by “washing out” all of the electrolyte minerals.

When such minerals are depleted, the deficiency manifests in the halting of body functions. This, in turn manifests symptoms such as nausea, headaches and many other symptoms, yes, including vertigo!

A few questions to ask your doctor, and a few answers that can help with Vertigo…

While there are many causes, and whereas a trip to you doctor is essential if you have any medical condition, there are things you can do that have to do with better self-awareness and understanding of the human body.

Do see a medical doctor if you suffer from vertigo or any other related condition. But, here is how you can help matters along.

No, you don’t need to take an advanced biology class to figure out the basic body functions and what nutritional elements fuel these processes. These are simple. Understanding electrolytes and their role in body function is paramount.

Ensuring you’re getting the six or so electrolyte minerals in ample supply is a good start, not just to recover from such conditions, but to prevent them in the first place. Dehydration’s best remedy, after all, is prevention.

And, just as you may have suspected, calcium and its partner, magnesium, are among the top electrolyte minerals you need. Being responsible for several hundred body processes in and of themselves, these ought to be among the first things checked in the diet to ensure they are supplied and that the body functions dependent upon them are working. 

Instant CalMag-C has been developed in the laboratory to work with the way the body chooses to absorb and utilize these minerals in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Supplying the correct form and combination of these minerals, the body is able to instantly absorb and put them to proper use.

The result? Whatever you can imagine happens when a vital mineral which has been deficient is once again supplied and the functions it fuels restored. Try it today and see what yours may be. It could put an entire new “spin” on how you enjoy life!

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